Monday, January 10, 2011


So my Mom got some laughs yesterday--
well it is my turn to tell on her!!!!

First off--look what I found this morning--
Now doesn't this look like a nice place to sleep????
Ahh Mom--why did you pick that up--I was thinking-----!!!!!

Well here's the story -- friends!!

My Mom did some "funny" things today--
First she printed out couple sheets of paper with these little hexagon designs on them--OK so far!!
but then she takes and "actually" cuts those little things apart!!!

And then she goes into the sewing room--muttering to herself something about how many more to make and what colors!!!
Then--then this "crazy" Mom of mine takes those little pieces of paper and irons them onto fabric---OK--

Then she carries a pile out here to the living room and she gets all comfy in her chair--
and I have discovered the neatest -- warmest--and the easiest place to nap and be able to keep my eye on Mom all in the same place--on the quilt on her legs that she has up on the stool---this is way "cool" can't believe it has taken me sooo long to find this spot!!!

Oh--back to the story--
Now are you not going to believe this--
now Mom takes those pieces of fabric with the paper shape on them and she--
she actually "cuts" them again into little pieces---again----like I said "crazy"--
And here is the really "crazy" part--
she then sews this tiny edge piece of fabric covering the paper edges of the hexies--
then she sews all these little pieces together and she gets--
these "flowers"--
well--let me tell you friends--they are pretty--
but they don't look like no flower I ever seen when I lived outdoors!!!!
But Mom sure likes them--so I guess they are ok!!!!!
And this morning my Mom went and got me some "fooooooddddd"!!!

So let snow--let it snow--I got my "stash"!!!!
The End!!!!
PS--seeing as she is such a "good" Mom--
I let her stash some extra Chocolate in the cupboard too!!!

Hugs, Miss Gracie and Mom!!!!


  1. Meow, Miss gracie! Mom's can do the darndest things, don't they. You make sure she has a nice warm, cozy place for you when it's snowing out!

  2. What a special Kitty to her Mom!!

  3. So so cute!! Now a question. Do you take the papers out?

  4. Dear Miss Gracie, our mom and we think you have very good taste. We surely know how to find the best sleeping places, don't we? Our mom does the most fun things with a strange looking stick with a hook on it and yards and yards of yarn. For some reason, she has decided to not play with that yarn unless we're sleeping. Now why do you suppose that is? Hmmmm.

  5. Dear Miss Gracie -- your mom is making some lovely little flowers. This is a great way to spent a snowy afternoon. I may have to figure out where I left my hexagons - I know they're in a ziploc bag somewhere - Happy stitching!

  6. You're right Miss Gracie, you do have a good mom! :-) And she makes pretty hexagons too! My two kitties say hi!

  7. Miss Gracie, Yep I agree your Mom is crazy to cut and then sew that fabric back together - but it keeps her in one spot so that she's easy to keep an eye on. And to cuddle up with.

  8. Miss Gracie, please tell Di that I tagged her on my blog. she should go check it out!

  9. You have to have a chocolate stash in case you get snowed in ;)

    I recently tried to glue basting method for some pentagon balls I am making. It works great and saves me the time of having to thread baste. I don't know why I never did it before.


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