Wednesday, January 12, 2011



I knew it--leave it to a "mouse"!!!
At least 49 states are "sharing" it this time!!!!!

Ahhh---today was "One flower Wednesday"--

but we all know by Miss Gracie's report the other day--
that "Di" has been on a "flower run"!!!!
Ahhh---wrong side, Miss Gracie--
turn it over---
That's better--
still not sure where I am going with this --
this "collection" of sewed together hexie flowers--
but I am having fun!!!!

and here is the lovely Miss Gracie--
having some "fun"--
In her "mom's" sewing chair--
she looks like she is warm there, too!!!!

Medicine  Report--
we are doing well on that front---thankfully!!!
I crush the 2 halves she needs each day in a small baby food jar--
then each time I fix her something to eat--
I sprinkle some on her food and mix it in goooooooddddd!!!!
and we have to put baby food meat in each dish of the Fancy Feast cat food--too!!!
And her Mom has learned that if she doesn't eat it right away--
well she just get's "sneaky" and puts what Miss gracie doesn't eat into another clean baby food jar--and that is what we start with the next feeding!!!!
who said a "cat" would out smart "Di"?????


  1. Well, aren't you clever? I'll have to remember that the next time I have to get meds into a cat! Love your hexies. I hope to make at least one before I go to bed tonight.

  2. Yippee!!! Finally showed that naughty girl who is boss!!
    The hexies are looking pretty.

  3. I'm loving the hexies. I think they look great without a plain border. Very cheerful.

    Congrats on getting Gracie to eat her medicine! I know that's a tough feat!

  4. You are having fun! Love all the
    hexies. Clever way to get medicine
    down. Nola

  5. glad you have the medicine giving organised....I saw on the news there was snow in 49 states! Hope you are keeping safe and warm!

  6. I like to do hexagone quilting much fund

  7. Good job in outsmarting Gracie!

    Love the hexies. You are really cruising with your flowers. I've always liked the way the backs look with all their papers still in.

  8. ...of course Florida has to be the unruly one and not get snow lol. It was 33 this morning so we are cold, just no white stuff.

  9. Love it Di!!! how to out-smart and smarty pants! glad you are winning!!!....Merilyn

  10. Di will always outsmart the cat. bawwwhaaaa haaa haa! ;)
    Love all you flower hexies! Gotta go find mine!
    xx, shell


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