Monday, February 28, 2011


Or nearly over any ways--
you know how you plan your day--
and then---
and then--
life decides to "add" a little "kink" into it--
I think it is just to see if one is on ones "toes"!!!!
and how many times one needs to count to 10--
before she "blows"!!!!!

and you will never guess who my "kink" into days plans was?????
Miss Gracie--now what would she do to cause me to go a little grayer???
I discovered that her "tummy" is giving her a bad time--
the evidence is in the kitty box----too many "mounds"-- I did get to Wal mart this morning--
that was 'before' I really realized there was a problem--
and I had been out of Chocolate for a whole day--BAD!!!
when I got back I finally realized Miss Gracie is under the weather so to speak--so had to spend some time on the phone--I was finally able to talk to a Vet-
and she said that it could be --because little Miss Gracie has discovered the bathtub and drinking water from there and that maybe she was getting some "soap residue" from it that could be upsetting her!!!
So she is on just baby food meat for now--
and we will see if that helps---
she does seem some better!!!

I did have to go get my B-12 injection today--
I was 5 days late in getting one--and let me tell you--
I knew it!!!!
then I did walk on over to the Quilt shop--
had to pick up this months boms and I got this piece of fabric--
These boms are
and they do have some other ones that are neat--
this one is really different for me--
but I just love it--it is soooo country--
OH NO--there is more cats--
I do not need to think about cats or see any more cats---
but really isn't this the cutest????? there was 1 3/4 yds left at $4 a yard--
now how could I 'not' buy that!!!!

At mail call today--
I got a package--
this is from blog friend Sunny--
she did the two cute baby hats--
then also sent me the rest of the yarn to make more--
think I got enough yarn for awhile now!!!!
Thank You Sunny!!!!

OH--Miss Gracie did "unlock" my sewing items today!!!
and I got a whole 10 minutes of hand quilting in today--
and about a half hour in of embroidery--but not all at once!!!!
It was nice to have a couple of non-sewing days--
but I am glad to be back at the 'job' today!!!!!!!!

Ohhhh--forgot to tell you--
that on the way to the medical center today--
I heard the birds singing--
first time -- so spring is on it's way folks!!!!


  1. Ohmygoodness, Di! What a scare! I'm glad Miss Gracie seems to be much better. Glad she was better enough to "unlock" your goodies to work on. lol

  2. Sorry to hear Miss Gracie is under the weather.....Little Miss Rose arrived home today and is very happy to be here - and I am thrilled to have her home!

  3. Oh....and it's Tuesday here...Monday is but a memory!

  4. Hope Miss Gracie is on the mend. That cat fabric is just too cute- I couldn't have left it behind either. Maybe a bad Monday will lead to a happy Tuesday and Wednesday and the rest of the week - hope so!

  5. I hope that Miss Gracie is feeling better soon, I don't know what it is about bath tubs and shower cubicles, but cats seem to love hanging about in them, maybe because they are cool places (especially in the heat we have been experiencing!!!) but Miss Mini does the same, although her tummy is just fine!

  6. Poor Gracie! Not fun when the wee one's are feeling bad.
    xx, shell


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