Wednesday, March 30, 2011


It was 'one' of those days--
you know when you get out of bed--
you sorta have a plan for the day--
but then--the day itself kinda takes over --
and it runs you!!!!!
so here is what I did do--
worked on hand quilting another block on this small quilt--
got the back and batting ironed and then this top ironed and laid out--so I can start the hand basting on this one--
Yes this is a Christmas one--
went in to get one of my "pink and green" tops ready--
but discovered they where larger than I remembered and I have to figure out the backings first--whether to buy wider fabric or to piece some!!!!?????

Then I made this mess!!!!!!!!!!!!
because of this little quilt top!!
this was a paper piecing project--
and I had never taken time to remove the tissue paper--
so that I could finish it--paper is all gone now!!!!!
and I am still working on this new design for a quilt--
did some more embroidery on it---
 was also on the phone part of the day!!!!
I hate to talk on the phone--don't really know why--
it is just not one of 'my' things I guess--
this afternoon it was business calls--
tonight is was a friend who I don't hear from often!!!

 So this was my day--
what did you do today????

I think Miss Gracie has 'spring fever'  she seemed to do her little 'cry' all day!!!
Glad she naps all afternoon!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


It was a normal Tuesday mainly for me--
my quilt friend -- Anne came for the morning and we quilted and chatted--
then lil sister dropped by and we all decided to go out to lunch today--
Anne went and got her Mom and the four of us went to Curly's Restaurant and had a nice lunch!!!
That was the 'old' part of the day--

then this afternoon some teens came from the high school to 'try' to teach us "young" people something new--
so I went --
bowling today!!!
Now I have been bowling before--
The last time I was at a bowling alley was back in 1972-73!!!
My husband and I were going on a regular basis!!
and I was the "gutter ball queen" and my average score was tops 66!!!
His was around 120!!!
then one time we went and I got the 120 and he got the 66--
and guess what--
we never ever went again!!!! 
So this little old lady decided to build up some bowling muscles--
Ah well--maybe just some bowling 'nerves'!!!!
and went up front and ---
used this--
and did some bowling--
and I even did a couple of these--
I am not sure who was more shocked--
me or the game!!!!!
It was the first time I have seen the Wii up close or even used one--
we now have the games down in the community room--
so who says you can't teach old ladies new tricks???????
Hey--maybe I will get good enough to win the next bowling championship??????

Monday, March 28, 2011


Remember I keep talking about 'building a log home in a forest'????
well I got it done today--
almost didn't get this months done within the month!!!
Oh--and I am making maple syrup on this one toooooo!!!!
Let me tell you--
there was alot of tree buildingstitching on this block--
but lil sister and I looked at the rest of the 9 blocks yet to do--
and this one seems to be the busiest!!!!!

And I got me a new refrigerator installed today--
Actually---I think it looks alot like the old one they took out--
and it was sad in a way--the old one worked fine--
but was very loud when it ran-this one is 'quieter' --sooo--
and here is a looky see inside--
Oh--my now you know what I really 'do' eat--and drink!!!!
this one has all glass shelves in it--not sure I will like that--
but then again--you can see what all you have --
you can watch the 'mold' grow on the things in the drawers as you 'forget' to fix them every night!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had sunshine again today--temp got to whole 34 degrees-- I think--
heat wave!!! It is suppose to go up a couple degrees each day this week--
we will see!!!!!

Well--you stitchers out there how have 3--yep 3 days to finish those March projects--so let's get with the program!!!!!

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Had another sewing machine day--
Now I think we talked about this 'pile'--
and what to do with them--
Oh what do I do with them--
came up with about 3 plans of attack--
then last evening before bed I was looking at a sales catalog--
and I seen a picture of a baby quilt that I decided would be a plan for these--
So with out further--to do!!!!---
here is my 'take' on it--
remember the 'fairly' fabric that just popped into my 'cart' on one of my on-line shopping sprees--
Well that is the fabric that I used in this one--
those little fairies have the same bright colors that are in the blocks--
a perfect match--who would of known???????
Now I just have to decide 'what' I want to do with this quilt--
like do I keep it--or give it away --or what?????
PS--the colors are growing on me--but don't tell anyone!!!!!

It was really cold here again today--but the sun was out--temp only in 20's!!!
Please remind me of this this summer when I complain about the heat!!!!

Hope everyone is having a great week end doing what ever it is you all do!!!!

Hey folks--this pup just told me that this is the "Year of the Rabbit"---
does that mean that I get extra grass and treats this year??????

Friday, March 25, 2011


But this time it was for a 'Sew' day!!!
I got the first two blocks done on this one--
I redid the 'H' as I decided I wanted to do this one in all blues--
and so far I love how it is coming out--
and I am even doing the lattice work around the blocks as I go with this one--
usually I wait until the end to do it--but--time for a change--and I will work it along with the blocks!!!

and I got the rest of these windmill blocks made--
I am really not sure why I am doing this quilt top--
these colors are not really my colors--
and when I started them--I had one plan in mind--
now I am on plan #3 for them--
we have to see what tomorrow brings for them??????

Also did some more embroidery work on the bom from the local quilt shop--
I think I can stitch trees in my sleep now--and this is only block 3--maybe I will get it done for tomorrow's post to show you??????

Notice--there is only '6' more days of March left---
hey when did this happen????
All I can say it has been a busy and strange month this year for me and I think world wide!!!!!

Well--that's all for tonight--folks--
and guess what--
and get some rest--
cause 'spring' really is coming one of these days--
then there is all that gardening and lawn work to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Well--winter here is not over with yet!!!!
got up to about 3-4 inches of snow and it has stayed all day!!!
Must like "being" here!!!
and they say more is on it's way---!!!!

The one thing I love to do is 'hand quilt'---
and even more so when it is snowing outside!!!
So that is what I did do this morning--

the only quilt that I have already basted was this one--
it is not very large--
but as you can see--I did get two whole blocks quilted!!!

Then later this afternoon I did go to the sewing room--
and I played with some of the 'golden' charm squares that I got!!!!!!
remember this solid colored charm pack I got a week or so ago????
well that is the other reason that I got into 'trouble' the night of the Green Fairy's sale--
I wanted to order a charm pack by the '3 sisters' that I thought would be perfect to go with these charms--well----I was '3' minutes late--
so I had to try and find another one to replace it--
and I chose--
this one--it has been pretty good with the colors matching--
so today I started a quilt project with them--
these go really fast with the method that I use to make pinwheels--
now to finish deciding how I want the design to come together and what size I want to cut these too!!!!!!

I also built a 'log cabin and a big tree' today---
actually I just got them embroidered on my bom from the local quilt shop--
this month's block has alot of stitching--mostly trees!!!!

and I played with Miss Gracie and loved on her for awhile--
and then the day was mainly gone!!!!!

hey--how cute it that 'fabric' under this kitten--
I just love it--
Ok--the kitten is sweet toooooo!!!!

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