Friday, March 25, 2011


But this time it was for a 'Sew' day!!!
I got the first two blocks done on this one--
I redid the 'H' as I decided I wanted to do this one in all blues--
and so far I love how it is coming out--
and I am even doing the lattice work around the blocks as I go with this one--
usually I wait until the end to do it--but--time for a change--and I will work it along with the blocks!!!

and I got the rest of these windmill blocks made--
I am really not sure why I am doing this quilt top--
these colors are not really my colors--
and when I started them--I had one plan in mind--
now I am on plan #3 for them--
we have to see what tomorrow brings for them??????

Also did some more embroidery work on the bom from the local quilt shop--
I think I can stitch trees in my sleep now--and this is only block 3--maybe I will get it done for tomorrow's post to show you??????

Notice--there is only '6' more days of March left---
hey when did this happen????
All I can say it has been a busy and strange month this year for me and I think world wide!!!!!

Well--that's all for tonight--folks--
and guess what--
and get some rest--
cause 'spring' really is coming one of these days--
then there is all that gardening and lawn work to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Hi Di, your blue stitchery looks lovely and as I am a bright girl I do love your bloks.
    Looking forward to what you decide to do with them.

  2. Your little blue embroideries are lovely!!! I see that the cute bright pinwheels are still talking to you!LOL, sounds like you will have to keep guessing until you guess right!!
    Have a great weekend!!!

  3. Love the blue stitchies Di!
    Have a fun weekend!
    Smoochies to Miss Gracie from Auntie Shell


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