Monday, March 28, 2011


Remember I keep talking about 'building a log home in a forest'????
well I got it done today--
almost didn't get this months done within the month!!!
Oh--and I am making maple syrup on this one toooooo!!!!
Let me tell you--
there was alot of tree buildingstitching on this block--
but lil sister and I looked at the rest of the 9 blocks yet to do--
and this one seems to be the busiest!!!!!

And I got me a new refrigerator installed today--
Actually---I think it looks alot like the old one they took out--
and it was sad in a way--the old one worked fine--
but was very loud when it ran-this one is 'quieter' --sooo--
and here is a looky see inside--
Oh--my now you know what I really 'do' eat--and drink!!!!
this one has all glass shelves in it--not sure I will like that--
but then again--you can see what all you have --
you can watch the 'mold' grow on the things in the drawers as you 'forget' to fix them every night!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We had sunshine again today--temp got to whole 34 degrees-- I think--
heat wave!!! It is suppose to go up a couple degrees each day this week--
we will see!!!!!

Well--you stitchers out there how have 3--yep 3 days to finish those March projects--so let's get with the program!!!!!


  1. What a pretty block, Di! It does have a lot going on, but oh so pretty. Congrats on the new fridge too. It looks very similar to mine. I like the glass shelving. You are so right, it is much easier to see what's in the drawers! lol

  2. Your stitchery is awesome. And I don't see many chocolate bars in that refrigerator!

  3. Very nice stitchery!!! Like your new fridge and the glass shelves!!! They should be easy to keep clean!

  4. A lovely block, Di, very nice in the one colour. I like the glass shelves on my new fridge because if you slop something as you put it in the fridge (eg the milk jug)it just slops onto the shelf and not onto whatever is below.Enjoy the spring weather!

  5. Love your stitchery Di!
    I'm such a weirdo...I like the smell of new refrigerators. See..weirdo.
    xx, shell


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