Wednesday, March 30, 2011


It was 'one' of those days--
you know when you get out of bed--
you sorta have a plan for the day--
but then--the day itself kinda takes over --
and it runs you!!!!!
so here is what I did do--
worked on hand quilting another block on this small quilt--
got the back and batting ironed and then this top ironed and laid out--so I can start the hand basting on this one--
Yes this is a Christmas one--
went in to get one of my "pink and green" tops ready--
but discovered they where larger than I remembered and I have to figure out the backings first--whether to buy wider fabric or to piece some!!!!?????

Then I made this mess!!!!!!!!!!!!
because of this little quilt top!!
this was a paper piecing project--
and I had never taken time to remove the tissue paper--
so that I could finish it--paper is all gone now!!!!!
and I am still working on this new design for a quilt--
did some more embroidery on it---
 was also on the phone part of the day!!!!
I hate to talk on the phone--don't really know why--
it is just not one of 'my' things I guess--
this afternoon it was business calls--
tonight is was a friend who I don't hear from often!!!

 So this was my day--
what did you do today????

I think Miss Gracie has 'spring fever'  she seemed to do her little 'cry' all day!!!
Glad she naps all afternoon!!!!!!


  1. You got lots done Di!
    Paper piecing....oh taking of the paper is so not fun! snoring! However, it sure does make points so pretty! Beautiful quilt!
    xx, shell

  2. You've had a really productive day Di!!! I love paper piecing, but removing the paper isn't much fun, is it.
    Does Miss Gracie go outside or is she just an indoor cat?
    lv to both of you,

  3. You did have a creative day, love the projects you are working on especially the foundation paper pieced quilt top!! Sometimes Miss Mini, has a very talkative day too, but there is nothing wrong, just meows a lot!!! I talk to her, give her a little treat and give her a cuddle and that seems to calm her for a while!!! Funny creatures.....!!!!

  4. Looks like you got a lot accomplished to me. Love all the projects you have going. I do the same, as far as working on several at one time.


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