Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Well--winter here is not over with yet!!!!
got up to about 3-4 inches of snow and it has stayed all day!!!
Must like "being" here!!!
and they say more is on it's way---!!!!

The one thing I love to do is 'hand quilt'---
and even more so when it is snowing outside!!!
So that is what I did do this morning--

the only quilt that I have already basted was this one--
it is not very large--
but as you can see--I did get two whole blocks quilted!!!

Then later this afternoon I did go to the sewing room--
and I played with some of the 'golden' charm squares that I got!!!!!!
remember this solid colored charm pack I got a week or so ago????
well that is the other reason that I got into 'trouble' the night of the Green Fairy's sale--
I wanted to order a charm pack by the '3 sisters' that I thought would be perfect to go with these charms--well----I was '3' minutes late--
so I had to try and find another one to replace it--
and I chose--
this one--it has been pretty good with the colors matching--
so today I started a quilt project with them--
these go really fast with the method that I use to make pinwheels--
now to finish deciding how I want the design to come together and what size I want to cut these too!!!!!!

I also built a 'log cabin and a big tree' today---
actually I just got them embroidered on my bom from the local quilt shop--
this month's block has alot of stitching--mostly trees!!!!

and I played with Miss Gracie and loved on her for awhile--
and then the day was mainly gone!!!!!

hey--how cute it that 'fabric' under this kitten--
I just love it--
Ok--the kitten is sweet toooooo!!!!


Michelle May (Shell) said...

Snow again! Oh no! Ick! today as 82 here. Of course, the pollen is raining in the air! Aaaaa chuuuu eeeee! ;)
xx, shell

Val said...

Wow. Snow! We have rain and it is warm here. Love all your projects. You are a busy bee.

Anne-Lise at Rag, Tag, Bobtail said...

Sorry about the snow, I did try to get it to pass you by :-/
Love the pinwheels - so bright and happy looking. Hugs.

Merilyn said...

Love your little pinwheel blocks!!! I imagine lingering snowfalls must get boring!!! Here Autumn has just started, but the warmth of summer remains, looks as though the seasons are finding it difficult to move on!!!

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