Thursday, March 17, 2011


You know with the prices on everything going "up-up-up"--
I figure that each purchase is an investment  in my future for being a 'quilter'!!!
So here was a sale that I just ran across and took advantage of!!!!
Plus--- I really needed another package of quilting needles--right???
and here is charm pack of solid colors in mid color group--love them!!
I fell in love with these Christmas prints--cute and on sale!!!
two more I liked--the bottom one is all sewing items and will go in with some others in that line that I have been collecting for - for --well--time will tell!!!!
The one under it was just a bit different--almost looks like it is hand painted!!!
Now is this the piece of fabric that every gal should have????
Just think it is so cute and it makes me 'smile' everytime I see it!!!!

I also did a 'wee' bit of cleaning on Wednesday--

after---my 'poor' dust bunnies got swept away--
but I told them not to worry--
they would all find their way back one day soon!!!

when I went to Walmart shopping on Tuesday--
I found this little dress size 3 for $1.00!!!
and I got 3 gray turtle neck shirts for 12 months for a $1.00 each--
all these go into my town Santa box!!!

Was still alittle on the tired side today--
but am feeling much better--
was at least able to stitch today--
and I spent nearly the whole day on my ABC quilt--
and would you believe I only have the bottom row to do--
then some embroidery on the leaves--
and then we will be in the binding business!!!

thanks for the prayers and love you all sent me!!!
Haaaa--Miss Gracie says 'thank you too" !!!!
hugs, from both of us!!!!


  1. Wow - somehow i didn't figure you for a size 3! LOL! Can you come clean my house tomorrow?

  2. Love your new sewing goodies!!! Glad you are starting to feel your old self. Wow! you have really been dedicated to your ABC quilt, can't wait to see it all finished!!! BTW after you have cleaned Sunny's house you can have a go at mine...he he he!!! But that would mean a trip to the other side of the world LOL!

  3. Thanks for the show and tell of your new goodies and bargins. That little dress is adorable. Always inspiring when starting a new project.

    Happy you are feeling better. Hi to Miss Gracie from Carolyn and Miss Abbie!


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