Saturday, March 5, 2011


Me--I stitched and stitched--
First--I got some more hand quilting done on this one--
I really enjoy working on this every time I pick it up--
and the floss is in to do the blanket stitching on these 2 rows of the alphabet--
but have mainly been doing hand quilting on the top half of the quilt!!!

don't faint==
but I actually made it into the sewing room today--
and I found and cut some strips for these blocks--
and got these first three finished--
These are such fun blocks to stitch and they go fairly fast!!!

then after "our" naps--
and the fact that Miss Gracie decided to lay on my lap on top of the ABC quilt--
I had to stitch on some more Gardner's Journal blocks-
 So here is three more done done done!!!!!
and as these works of 'art' took me all day--
I have had 'no' time to get into any kind of trouble--booo!!!

I can not believe the weather forecast for tomorrow and tomorrow night for here in New York state--they are saying 6-10 inches of that white stuff--I just can't say the word --it is after the 1st of March--so now that word that starts with an "s" is a dirty word!!!!

Have a wonderful day--and stay safe --


  1. Oooooooo! Sounds like a perfect day in my book!
    Di, I love that alphabet quilt! It's so pretty!

  2. Your little stitchery blocks look just lovely now that they are framed with fabric!!! They do say that cats are 'quilt inspectors'! so of course she would fall asleep on the job LOL, Have a nice weekend!

  3. Happy Chocolate-eating while stitching the TTS and GJ and it all!
    Lovely to get inspired from your blog:)))

  4. I'd like to curl up on that pretty quilt, too.

  5. Love your Gardner's Journal blocks. They look like they are a lot of fun to do. The quilt is beautiful and I can tell it is a lot of work! So sorry you are to get more snow. We are in for a rain/snow mix, I think, for the next few days with mostly snow in the mountains. I am so ready for spring and my little crocus' outside are telling me they want sunshine, too. Stay warm! Nola

  6. The stitcheries are gorgeous! Glad you joined in on the stitch-a-long.. I have started my first block... slowly!

  7. Di you have been busy..your GJ and TTS blocks look fantatic..

  8. yeh 3 done already........gerat work and I see some more GJ sewing............better share that with the SAL girls too..............


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