Monday, March 14, 2011


I really wasn't sure what I would post about tonight?????
I really have been spending nearly all of my stitching time on the ABC quilt--
they do say that the weather is gonna get warmer---soon!!!!!

But I had forgotten to get the mail today --
until about 5 pm--
and guess what??????
I got a neat surprise--
A package came --above--with this card--
and do you notice the color of the card????
Pink--Pink---love it alone--
but wait until you see what was inside the wrapped package????
OHhhhhhh look at these pretty colors of floss---
I love these colors--
Oh maybe I should turn this over---
Oh my goodness---
is this not me or what!!!!!
and all the right colors toooooo!!!!!
Can I start this tomorrow--do I have to finish ABC first?????
Now who was this from????
it is from Nola @
She won the Valentine quilt last month and this is how she said --
Thank You--
so I say--
Thank you--Nola--right back--
I really really really do love this stitchery!!!
and the timing is perfect---I needed this today!!!!

I did get through the resident meeting today--
and we did talk some about the Mayor election for tomorrow--
and I think some that would not normally go and vote will go---
and I do believe that they will vote for a change--got my fingers crossed!!!

I will be going at noon tomorrow to vote--
then I have to come home and swallow 15 pills--and be on a liquid diet for the rest of the day--then I get to take 15 more at bedtime--so you know where I will be spending my day tomorrow and tomorrow evening----cause Wed morning at 10:00 I get to have the "c" word done---oh how "excitingly terrible" this is--but---!!!!!
The hardest part will be not having any chocolate for 24 plus hours--ouch!!!!

 Well now that Miss Gracie--
Has finally done a bit of mischief---
You see my dolly in the chair????
She now needs to go to the "hairdressers" for a new hair do?????
Poor dolly!!!!  I thought the other night I heard someone crying out here!!!
And here is a delightful picture of our "girl"
She was watching me take a picture of the "victim"!!!!

Well--that's all for today folks--
take care and don't forget to be working on your "green" things!!!!


  1. I am so happy the package arrived safely and that you like it. It isn't much but I wanted to say thank you again for the beautiful wall hanging. Hope you'll have fun stitching. Nola

  2. What a thoughtful gift!!! The design looks to be very charming, can't wait to see it when you have finished it! Poor dolly! scalped by the treacherous Miss Gracie!!! I'm sure dolly will get her looks back after her makeover!!!

  3. Oh that kitty! She's a little scamp isn't she? :-) What a sweet present, and it's perfect for you...a chocolate stitchery! Enjoy!

  4. Hi sweets! Hope all goes well with your appointment! Icky... :/
    Poor little dolly....she's needing a makeover now!
    Wonderful gifties from Nola!
    Guess what I got in the mail today??? Bet you know! I'll be posting about it tomorrow!
    Love ya,


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