Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Thankfully I did get a good night's sleep--
cause I am not sure I could of done a 'repeat' of the last 24 hours without some sleep!!!!
But--at 9 am this morning this showed up---
and it took one of lady residents from downstairs to the Hospital--
I do not know how she made out-yet!!!

As it is Tuesday--it is my friend Anne's day to come--
but before I could pick up my quilting--Lil sister came by--
she needed to take the bus over to Walmart--
then Anne came and somehow--(mainly cause the bus was early and then did not really stop-stop) lil sister missed it--so she came back here--

so Anne and I took her over and we all wandered the grocery aisles and bought some 'stuff'!!!!
we came home and put ours away and we went to Anne's mother's apartment and got her and we went out to lunch!!!!

Came home went to my chair all excited that now I could stitch--
got about 10 minutes in (lil sister came by again, too) when I needed to go down and see office Anne about a meeting and to learn some more about what the present Mayor is trying to do to our property and the town--grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!

I think around 2 pm I was able to finally sit and stitch for an hour before the day totally caught up with me and I had to go in and join Miss Gracie in "snoring" for an hour!!!!


and I did get these two small stitcheries done for the Gardner's Journal blocks--at this rate I will be in my 70's before I get them done!!!!

the other night I did do alittle playing with some fabrics and one of my UFO's--
so now I know what border fabrics to use and I am excited cause I have an 'idea' as to how to do this and it will be different!!!!! we'll see!!!!!!


  1. Well I'm glad you didn't have two days in a row of such dramas!!! You need a good sleep and rest!!!

  2. Sounds like your day was very varied, good thing you had a good nights' sleep!!!

  3. I hope the lady is ok. What a mess girlfriend. I hope the new Mayor doesn't toss you out on the street! I may have to come jerk a knot in somebodies head!!!
    xx, shell


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