Monday, March 7, 2011


WHAT A DAY!!!!!!
Let me tell you the last 24 hours have been "squirrely" around here!!!

Miss Gracie and I got done with our playtime and went to bed alittle after 11 pm--
but for some reason (my mind winds up when I go to bed -- instead of down!!!)
I could not sleep--finally after a couple bathroom trips I do believe I fell asleep--
then at 1:45 am I heard this buzzing noise--thought it was the air purifying machine that I have by my head to clean the air--after a couple minutes I decided that enough was enough and turned it off---

only--the buzzing did not stop--so I got up thinking maybe the kitten had pulled one of the alarm cords in the apartment--when that happens we have a light outside our apartments that lights up--but no it wasn't that--it was the "fire alarm"!!!
so I grab my housecoat and off I go--it is up here on the 2nd floor--but in the other wing of the building--lil sister's wing--but it wasn't hers--
but another tenants--
Her  chair had caught on fire--from underneath it --
because of this--
Luckily we do have sensitive fire alarms--and I think that the first tenant that got to her apartment put the fire out--
but we had alot of smoke in that wing--
I did come home--but no sleep for another hour as the fire truck parts right out side on the street under my windows---soooo---
then it takes awhile to get back to sleep--
finally sawing logs and another noise wakes me up--
the kid on the 4 trane wheeler is outside pushing snow off the sidewalk--but the 
machine is not running right and is making alot of noise--so once again we "listen" for awhile --I think I finally did get some sleep!!!

When I got up this morning--I noticed a pick up truck on our sidewalk--
come to find out--our regular snow removal truck was stuck on the side walk in a 7 foot drift--so this one had to pull the first one back out--that was interesting watching!!!

I do believe I did get to eat breakfast and did get alittle hand quilting done--but also had 2 visitors during that time--Lil sister and my friend Anne!!!

Now it is after lunch-- and the cleaning fairy has done alittle work--
good for here---kitty box cleaned and cleaner run--
was in the chair playing with miss gracie when two of these pull up---
Now what--as I go out in the hall to see--one of the ladies down the hall's friend goes flying by saying that Shirley's link to life is not working nor is her phone--but luckily she finds that Shirley is fine--the cops though do take one of our new residents away!!!

Now what--
at 3 pm--I got to go down stairs and listen to these 3 fellows--
this fellow is running for Mayor--
this fellow and --

this one are running for Trustee's for our Village here!!
It was really nice of them to take the time to come here and talk to us and to let us ask questions of them--about 10 residents showed up!!
I was there and I asked my share--though I really do not know much about how the system works!!!
Ann from the office was there and she told them and "us" that the present Mayor wants to kick us all out and move us to another building so they can use this property to continue to develop it into commercial use--plus she(Mayor) wants to buy our parking lot in the back for a roof top restaurant that will be open 24 hours a day----OUCH!!!
so it really was an interesting meeting!!!

I do believe the rest of the late afternoon has been "quiet"!!!!
look what came in the mail--
My thread--oh and the shipping for this company is only $1.99--can't beat that!!!

Poor Miss Gracie--doesn't know if she needs to run and hide again--or is it safe to stay out here and play??????

So good night from one tired and confused "chick" and a kitty who likes to "cry"!!!!
Hugs, Di and Miss Gracie


  1. Good grief girlfriend!!! What a night and day and oh my!!! Are you exhausted now after all of that? I sure am!
    I hope tonight is much more peaceful! Sweet dreams to you sweet Gracie.
    xx, shell

  2. I think you do need to get some rest. That was a wild night. I sure am glad that nobody was hurt.

  3. I hope you get a good night's sleep tonight!You must be exhausted.

  4. Oh my goodness what a busy night and day you had I think just thinking about it made me sleepy hope you had a better night the next night

  5. Goodness what a night and a day you have had. I hope you can get some uninterrupted sleep tonight. Am glad the fire was able to be contained and no one was hurt. Sweet dreams. Nola

  6. No chance to get bored at your place. Hope you have a quiet night so you can recharge :)

  7. Good Grief is right! What a wild time you have had---loved your post before this one too------ Miss Gracie has a fun time playing! Abbie loves to play and when she wants to....if you know what I mean. Bless her little heart. She is the princess of our household! :)Carolyn

    Hope your day and night is going better but I must say there is excitment in your life.

  8. These events would have knocked me out! Enjoy a good night`s sleep, and enjoy all the stitchery threads, great colors,
    so then: Happy Quiet Stitching:-)

  9. Oh for goodness sakes, Di! What an eventful night/day you had there! I hope that's it for the excitement for awhile! That's upsetting about your it a done deal or still in the "talking" stages? I've got Miss Holly purring on my lap right now...she says hi to Miss Gracie! Love the threads, btw! xo Jen


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