Wednesday, March 9, 2011


It is Wednesday right????
I did not see "one" flower photo for today--
and guess what???
I don't have one either!!!!

It was dark and damp today here--
so I stayed under the ABC quilt and worked away at doing hand quilting and working on doing more of the letters in the blanket stitch--just 2 more letters to do--
and I am mostly hand quilted down to these two rows of letters--that means that I am a good 2/3 done----

I did keep thinking I should be working on this or that project--
but then each time I realized it was a small project and could wait till warmer weather--whereas I really need to get this quilt done will it is cold out!!!

Hey I did get one project done today--
I got the packages in the mail to last months winners of my anniversary!!!!

I know I am slow--and sometimes I am slower yet!!!!!
But it does get done --eventually!!!

At mail call today--
this package came--
I did not have any spring fabrics with rabbits on it and I seen this on one site--
so I "hopped" to it and ordered some--
got these three and--
this border one--
this picture one--thinking it was just blocks with sayings on them--
well--that is sorta right--but--it turns out this one is really a story book panel!!!!
Did you notice at the very top of the picture a "certain" someone in the background???

This morning lil sister was here and we were talking about something and then we happened to look up and this is what we seen--
Oppps!!! better get to the office and tell them--
they don't like to see or hear about this kind of "problem"!!!!
too much ice built-up on the roof---we never have had this kind of problem--
leave to my apartment!!!!


  1. Love the bunnies! What are you going to make with the panel? Gracie is cute peeping over the top:)

  2. Cute fabric prints for Easter! It must be a good feeling to know that you have achieved quite a bit of work on your ABC quilt lately! Hope you get your roof leak problem fixed.

  3. Hi Diana and Miss Gracie! I'm just stopping by to say hi! *waves and hugs*

  4. have had an "interesting" week - hope things have settled down a bit now. Have a great weekend!


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