Saturday, April 2, 2011


Lil sister and I actually got outside today---
and we walked all over town--
we had a lot of places to "see"!!!!!
so we got our fair share of some actual--
now don't faint on me--

Ok first stop was at the Natural Health food store--
my order had come in!!!

Then we went to Wags--Spca thrift store--
lil sister donated some things--
and I helped them by--
buying these items--
I loved all three of these--
the gray's bunnies pillow says--
"A little gray hare--doesn't hurt anyone!!!!"
and just looke at these tiny --
but soooo cute bunny slippers??????

Then lil sister had to go to the drug store--
then we went next door--
it is now the first of April already--
so our favorite Country shop is open again!!!!
these "treasures" came home with me today--
she had these cute kittens in and I found this lonely little egg---
Opps--eggs go with chickens hu???
I may have to go back tomorrow and get me one of the new chicks she just got in!!!!!
It was also a "lamb" of a day--
the two smaller lambs are so cute--they have like long fringe on them--
and they are so soft--
had to get two--a momma and a baby!!!
Loved the bigger one too--so country looking!!!
and if you look close you can see that this wreath ring has--
not only berries--but actual pieces of colored stones in it--
really love it!!!

then we had lunch at the Pizza place--
only we got a spaghetti dinner instead this time and shared it--
and I even brought enough of it home for lunch tomorrow--

then I went to the Quilt shop--
walked out with these--
two more black and white prints for the black and white bom--
this months log cabin block bom--
another charm pack of the Lilas Hill--
and a Country Quilt magazine--
Now I need some help---I love the Lilac Hill line--
but so far I really haven't seen anything made up in it--
Have you??????

And later this afternoon I did one block stitched of this months "Tis the Season"--
but forgot to get a picture--oh well--that will give you something to look forward tooo!!!!

sorry about such a short post yesterday--
for some reason I was in alot of pain--
and was having trouble even typing--
too much wii I guess--we did have another lesson yesterday--
I now know how to turn it all on--set it up-- 
and can even play double bowling games!!!
Now turning it all off--wellllllll?????????

Oh and I am working on the hand quilting of the Christmas quilt--
decided the weather was still cool enough that I could afford to get "away" with it!!!!
Soooo I have been busy----

And what have you been doing?????
Planting those gardens yet--
and you AU bloggers are you raking leaves yet????

Be good--


  1. Sounds like a busy and productive day (yes I consider buying cute ornaments very productive!) I don't know about the AU bloggers, but this NZ blogger has been looking at leaves that should be raked...but won't be - nothing a good lawn mower won't fix! We are quite cold enough for huge leaf falls here. Have a nice day!!

  2. Di, I'm glad to hear you got out and enjoyed the sunshine and bought some seasonal items. Cute! Dh and I walked around the park today too. I'm whooped!

  3. Glad to hear the sun is shining up there finally!

    The kids have to help me with the Wii sometimes. I have the Wii Fit and love it. There are a couple hula hoop games on there that I really enjoy.

  4. Country threads is a nice mag.........hope you get some TTS blocks done.......

    doesn't feel like autumn yet...........definitely no leaves to rake.........not that i get a lot anyway..........

  5. What a bunch of lovely treasures! I just love the bunny with tiny bunny slippers, and I wouldn't have been able to resist those sheep, either. Of course, i have to love the kitties, too! Glad you're feeling better and had such a productive day. Love your new blog border, too! Did Miss Gracie pick it out?

  6. I'm sorry you weren't well yesterday :( Sounds like you had a great day in the sunshine today though... love the kitties and sheepies and everythingies!!

  7. So nice to read about Sis and your trip out and about today. as usual you have purchased lots of goodies.
    Here in AU the sun is still shining and I am swimming everyday.
    We don't have a lovely FALL like you do. Just seems to be Summer then Winter.

  8. Glad you had a nice day out. Love the bunnies and the other treasures. Take care! Hugs.

  9. the leaves are turning....I dont have enough to rake though.....loving this weather...and daylight saving finished today so we are back to "real" least it will be light when I go walking in the morning...for a while at least until winter arrives....!

  10. Somebunny had a very busy and fun day! :)
    Love that saying about a little gray hare...funny!
    xx, shell

  11. You may want to share some of that sunshine LOL!!! Since Autumn has arrived here it has been raining, dratt!!!, too bad really! the leaves can wait for another day!! LOL! Your Christmas quilt looks great!!


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