Thursday, April 14, 2011


I spent the day at the sewing machine---
now wasn't that good of me!!!
and I did sew while I was there--
This is what I worked on again today--
Yep--those gardener journal blocks are coming right along--
this was just before lunch break--and they are all spread out on the bed--
and of course Miss Gracie has to "test" them tooooo!!!
I did change the layout some after lunch--realized the quilt top was way too wide---
I like my tops to be longer and not soo wide as they fit on the walls better if I want to display them!!!
I am not done--but hopefully just a couple more hours will do it!!!!

Here is the picture of the Easter place mats from Yesterday--
and just so you don't think I am showing you the mug rugs again--
I left them in the corner!!!!

I was even good and went for my walk tonight and played my four games of bowling on the Wii--so I need another gold star!!!!
It was sunny here all day--mid 50's--but the air off our lake is 'cold'!!!!

Let's see---we have 9 days before we can 'legally' eat chocolate all day--


  1. oh I can see lots of progress with your GJ..........hope you share it on the SAL blog too......

  2. I heard a long time ago that cats are official 'quilt inspectors' and they take their job very seriously LOL!!!

    Glad to hear your exercise regime is still happening and you haven't slackened off!!!

  3. Awwww.... look at Miss Gracie! I'm glad you have such a good quality control department! Great job on the quilt.

  4. love your site your miss Gracie is just like my Miss Molly thinks she owns all the quilts

  5. Busy as usual :-)
    Cute Kitty - and she's so helpful, too.

  6. Love that quilt Di and Miss Gracie lounging on it is even cuter!
    xx, shell

  7. Your Gardner's Journal is looking really good. Nice color choices for the squares.

  8. Your GJ is coming along a treat with Miss Gracie's help.

    No wee bunny again today. LOL

  9. It's nice to see Gracie doing her job! And nice to see you sewing away! A day of chocolate? in 9 days? yikes! I better start wrapping my head around that... do you have to train for it, like eating so much per day to get ready?


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