Thursday, April 7, 2011


as to what to post about!!!
It has been "2" rather uneventful days!!!!
Yesterday I went around feeling like I had left 'me' here--
In bed--my body just felt like it was still asleep all day--
did alittle hand quilting in the morning--but----
why can't I wake up like this --
but it seems I always wake up tired--some days are worse than others--
like yesterday---
so I spent the afternoon on here--
looking up workshops and classes for this--
Photography--I have always wanted to learn more about this and to have a really nice camera with a good focus!!!!
I found one school in NJ in the upper northern part that has some neat sounding workshops and then a place in Chesapeake bay, Maryland---so now to decide!!!!?????

Today was a work day--
and thankfully I did feel more awake today--
got laundry done and the floors vacuumed-(much to miss gracies dislike)!!!!

Quilt work you say--
well--yes -- I have been working on something--
the hand quilting of the last Christmas quilt that I showed you a couple posts ago--
and I have been hoppingworking right along on it--
I am surprised how fast it is coming--I may just have a Christmas finish in April!!!

Here is one of the 'types' of photos I would love to take!!!
Well--time to go read what every one else is up to--
PS--I think this little gal would make Miss Gracie a nice play mate?????


  1. Sounds like a day in this household .. I want the puppy!

    Have a beautiful weekend ~
    TTFN ~

    FUN NEW GIVEAWAY ends 4/10

  2. Awwww, what a cute puppy! I wonder what Miss Gracie would think about that?! lol Where were the camera workshops in NJ? That would be good for you to learn. I envy people who can photograph things so well.

    Glad you got some stitchery work done even though you were tired. Prod me to work on mine!

    I spotted the bunny!

  3. Hello little bunny! I love that bunny! I think Miss Gracie would like a friend. After all, friends are the best ever!
    xx, shell

  4. There's that bunny! :-) How cool to take a photography class, I bet that will be fun!

  5. I think that little puppy has mischief in his eyes & Miss Gracies might have her work cut out for her in teaching him a few manners! Maybe little bunny would be more to Miss Gracies likeing? Photography is wonderful & a few lessons would be so much fun. Tracee xx

  6. No point visiting me to see what I have been up's my week in a nutshell!

  7. Such a cute little puppy. Gracie would love to play with him/her. I've been wanting to take photos lessons too - if you do take them you'll have a blast. Maybe later in the year I'll have the funds for it.


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