Friday, April 8, 2011



remember a couple weeks ago when I had to go see the Doc!!!
and my blood pressure was 144/90????
Well -- had to go back today and guess what it was?????
only 117/78!!!! now that is very very good for me--
I mean that is very good for me!!!!!!
Buttttt-----when I did this---
I went from the happy dance ---
to dismay---
I have been pretty good about maintaining this "fluffy" body of mine--
and not gaining anything--nor have I lost anything!!!
and in the winter I often 'add' 5 more fluffy pounds--
but then once the weather is nice that 5 comes right off--
must be last summer the 5 from the winter before --
I did not 'shed'--
cause it was there today--plus 5 more----
and this is one of the reasons--
I love my bread---
I can leave all kinds of sweets alone--

except my daily dose of dark chocolate--
but I eat alot of bread--
I love bread for breakfast, lunch, supper and snack in evening!!!
So now I have to do this--

and go for a walk every single day--
rain or shine!!!
Oh well somebody has got to keep an 'eye' on the neighborhood!!!!!

I did get some more hand quilting done on the christmas quilt--
but between a trip to Wal mart and then after lunch to the Doc's--
nothing else was done!!!!
I will--I will--I will--get into the sewing room----
one of these days--again!!!!!

So do any of you have any "wild" plans for this week end?????


  1. Di, looks you have to join us on our daily walks. My dh and I are on Day #4 now and I think I'm starting to feel more energized. Good luck shedding the extra "fluffy" pounds.

  2. Oh Di I seem to get more of those fluffy ponds every year too. they just jump on. LOL

    No Bunny today.

  3. Glad your bp is down! And you are joining the "daily walking club"? It's irritating how easily those fluffies came along and how hard it is to get rid of them again .... Maybe you can train miss Gracie on a leash?

  4. Robbie (12) and I take the dog for a walk most nights. We actually have a great time chatting about all kinds of random things. It's great for Robbie because he has Mom's undivided attention.

    We are carb addicts at our house too. Bread is sooo delicious. Like you, I would rather have a chunk of fresh baked bread instead of a slice of cake.

    We also need to watch out for potato chips. They are very addictive and I can add 5 pounds easily by eating a bag of chips.

  5. I too have fluffy pounds from eating bread!lol....good that your blood pressure is under control.....

  6. Glad your blood pressure is down sweets. As for the bread...well, I know it can be hard. Just do the best you can. :)
    xx, shell

  7. Good to see your B/P has come down!!! Yes I think frequent brisk walks sound like the go!! but sometimes they are such a chore!
    This weekend is nearly over down-under! nothing terribly exciting happening here, just the usual, laundry, bubble bathed and massaged the dogs, tidied up the living room, vacuumed the house, cooked, and did find a couple of hours late this afternoon for a bit of sewing, ahhha!!! now that's better, some joy was found LOL!!! (I mean who has time for a walk after all that LOL??)


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