Saturday, April 9, 2011


OKay--I did it--
actually got into the sewing room today--
for two whole hours--but not at the same time--
but here is some finishes--sort of anyways--
Oh Miss Gracie--I was just getting ready to show todays sewing!!
Oh--you want to say something "first"--
well--seeing as how you have the floor--go for it!!!
HI---to all my fans,
thanks for all the neat things you say to my mom about "me"--
I love reading all about them!!!
and I too am fluffy--(only mom has but me on a diet!!!!)
she can be a 'meany' when she wants to be!!!
but she says it's because she 'loves' me--
Hugs, miss gracie

Ok lets try this again--
remember when I first started the home sweet home bom and I did the first 'h' block in a brownish/green thread???  well I decided not to let it go to 'waste' and so am making a second quilt--this one I am using the little 1 1/2 inch leftover strips from  a bigger quilt that I did last year--good for me--right????

and I got the borders on this months TTS blocks--
I am really have fun stitching these blocks!!!

And--looky here---
My first --Mug Rug--don't faint--now--I told you one of these days I would get one made!!!!!  and here is a look at the back--
I made it reversible!!!!  how good of me!!!
Now though I have 3 more to stitch together--
and a set of small rabbit placemats!!!

Found these mini Iris's on our walk today--
lil sister and I went over town to do a couple things--
At the quilt shop I got the tea cup fabric for the backs of the mug rugs--
and a large package of all cotton batting for a quilt--and---
this is an older book--and was at 60% off--so was around $10--
but it really has alot of different types of quilts in it and they are more my style of quilting designs--soooooo!!!
And talking about flowers --
I bought some home today tooo--
I hope--noticed I said "hope" to do some spring/Easter decorating tomorrow--
and I thought these from the Country shop would be nice additions!!!
I hope my 'green thumb' is working so these don't fade or die on me!!!!!!!
And I leave you today with a picture of some flowers that are out under one of our trees here --


  1. Looks like Spring definitely found you. Lots of lovely flowers.

  2. Bunny placemats! Sweet!
    Miss Gracie, you are one lucky kitty to have a mama that loves you so much.
    xx, shell

  3. Love your stitcheries and your Mug Rug is cute.

    What beautiful flowers you are lucky enough to se on your walk.

  4. Love your little Christmas embroideries, just perfect!!! Congratulations on your first 'mug-rug', I am about to embark on my first one too!!! I have my fabric and design all done, now to find a couple of hours to play!!!


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