Wednesday, April 13, 2011


even though it is nice to have rain here--
Texas really really needs you--
so be on your way--my little rain drops!!!!
I did sew all day today!!!
Yep--I did!!!
and I even took picture of the 4 bunny placemats--
that I got finished by lunch time--
but then lil sister took my camera to take some pictures of Morris and I haven't seen her since!!!!!!!!
After lunch I worked on the Gardner Journal blocks--
I have 4-5 of these pieces now with borders around them--
and a couple more cut -- to sew borders one--
but -- where I am going with this project is still any body's guess!!!!

Here is a couple pictures that I took on Sunday down by the lake--
this sure looks funny without the boats at the docks!!!!
and yes I do believe that is a dish TV on end of that pier---
can't even go to the lake with a TV--sad, really!!!!

and at the other end of the piers is a big rock formation that they built--
and the Sea gulls have made it there home!!!!
This pile of rocks is always covered in white bodies--
and very noisy!!!!!!

Here's my "attempt" at photographing a bird on a high up branch of a tree!!!!

and here is one more picture of spring--
Ahh--Miss Gracie is up from her 'after' dinner nap--
and that means that I have to quit typing and go to reading--
cause she wants up here by me!!!!!!!!


  1. A dish TV on a pier! OMG! That really is sad DI!
    Have a wonderful evening reading with Miss Gracie. Sounds like a perfect night.
    xx, shell

  2. Thanks for the lovely pictures, Di. I realized today as I was driving out to my mom's in western NJ, I need to remember to take my camera. The trees and bushes are starting to bloom, so there are a lot of different colors. I WILL remember next week!

    I am intrigued by your GJ blocks. Nice! Can't wait to see what the final project turns out to be.

  3. Your little embroiderys are just beautiful!!! It's always good to get out and about, nice pictures! thanks for sharing! I never remember to take my camera when I go anywhere, maybe I should start making it a habit!!

  4. I love the purple butterfly on your header...very springy!!!


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