Monday, April 18, 2011


Pretty red cardinal at our feeder--
flowers in one of the small gardens--
Just think this one came out "neat"!!!
and this one--is the same flower!!!

and some lambs ears--have some in two small gardens--
and I have no idea when or how they took off==
but they sure did--there are huge areas in both gardens this spring!!!!

today was a work day--
did alittle more hand quilting on a small quilt--
traced off 3 blocks for bom's for April to embroider--
and did some batting cuts for 7 quilts--some good sized ones and some are small ones--
and have one half basted so far--this is my goal this week--to get them all hand basted--we will see!!!

don't forget to buy your eggs this week for coloring--
and here is a little one who wants to help you???????


  1. Sounds like you have your work cut out for you this week! wish I could get that organised!! Lovely garden photos!!!

  2. You have some beautiful birds.
    Hope you get all the stitcing you planned done.

  3. Doesn't it lift the spirits to find all the little signs of spring and warmer days to come? We're the opposite here, I am enjoying the sights of autumn but not the cooler nights!! Happy Easter!!


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