Tuesday, April 12, 2011


and here is some pictures to prove it --
from my daily walks--
and when this comes back out---
you know that spring is really here to stay!!!

Ok--now where have the last three days gone???
first off--I have been very good and have done a daily walk every day--
except yesterday and then I went to town with a girl friend and shopped some--
so was getting lots of exercise getting in and out of her Van!!!!
and I have been down stairs in the community room every night playing the Wii--
bowling--never believed it could be such a work out--but it is!!!!!!

Yesterday--my girl friend and I did stop into JoAnns after getting Miss Gracie some kitty litter and food at Petsmart--
and this is what I bought--
my purchase came to $6.36--her's came to $6.46--how cute????
I got the new template for 50% off and the quilter's tape for 40% off--
and that was all I really needed this time and had money for!!!!
and on the way home we stopped and got our first Tastee-freeze of the season--
(I only got a baby size cone!!!!)

Today I did get some more quilting done on the Christmas one and Anne quilted on a quilt--then we had lunch here and then went to Tops for a few groceries and we even let Lil sister go with us  toooooo!!!!!!!

and this afternoon I did get the other 3 mug rugs made--
then I did my walk!!!!

So this is where I have been --
OH wait--I did get one more section done on the Easter counted cross stitch that I am working on--forgot the picture--next time!!!

four of you did spot the bunny in a past post--
I have not forgotten about it--
but am still 'thinking' about how I want to do this ---
so hang in there--hopefully things will slow down tomorrow and I can take some "thinking" time!!!

Miss Gracie says she heard through the 'grapevine' that someone has been getting ahead of the holiday and has been into the Easter candy already!!!
Was it you?????????????


  1. Happy Spring and happy bunnies Di and miss gracie!
    xx, shell

  2. You finally sat down and made some mug rugs. Good for you! They look great! I like to make mine reversible too. That way you can have a holiday on one side and then a fun fabric on the other for after the holiday.

  3. My you've been busy! I love Wii bowling, although I'm terrible at it. Golf is fun too. How did Miss Gracie know about the chocolate?? I'm sitting here eating Easter peanut M&M's! :-) I love your flower pictures, and the mug rugs came out great!

  4. Oh I love seeing the spring flowers! So cheerful after the horrid winter. Congrats on your sale-ing and doing your various sewing projects. And I saw the bunny this time too. lol

  5. Love the bulbs popping up.... so pretty! And the mug rugs are so cute!

  6. Beautiful flowers! Spring is here at last, but so far I haven't seen many flowers. Still too cold at night, maybe?
    Keep up the walks ... All the more icecream to enjoy:-)

  7. I love all your flowers,it so nice this time of the year to watch it all being a live again. Cute Mug Rugs too,great for the time to come.Happy Springtime to yourself and miss Gracie:-)


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