Tuesday, April 26, 2011


I am between storms here tonight--
But I did get some work done --
and wanted to share the pictures with you--
Here is this months Cabin bom---more trees!!!!

the 'm's' got done a couple days ago--and today I was able to get them stitched in place--so the first row is almost done!!

and here is the next block for the black and white--bom--
the block is square--I just took a crooked picture!!!!

this little quilt got hand basted last week --
I just got around to taking it's picture today--

I got the 2 borders sewed onto this one--
this is from a class a couple years ago--
and I have the batting and backing under it-
it is ready for hand basting--along with two others now!!!!

Here's a close up of the center!!!

I was able to be at home today--was some 'smelly' but did ok--
tomorrow may be a different story!!!!
It was also my Anne's day today--we both quilted for awhile and visited--
she did leave early as it was bright and sunny here and she wanted to get some laundry out on the line---
After she left---I went straight to the sewing room--
this morning --about mid morning--it was break time for those men in 'white'--
Here is some of them--the crew is much larger---
the first thing they did today was put a big hole in the ceiling out by our stairs!!!!
Our ceilings don't have much on top of them--!!!!

Later after lunch a crew of three came into my apartment to work on all the switch and plug plates--
and in moving the cupboard here by the computer --
this is what we discovered--
Miss Gracies stash----
cause her stash is alittle sweeter than mine by the looks--
we all got a good laugh out of it---

Later I was on the computer as it was  clouding over really bad and they had forecast bad storms--
when our fire alarm went off--
and now we all have to leave the building---
so out we all went---
it was this 'crew' having done something in the attic or on the roof!!!!

So--there was really never a dull or quiet moment around here till about 5 pm--
as we did a big storm as we were all coming back into the building!!!!

So this is my story for today--
Oh many of you asked if Miss gracie and I could go somewheres--
unfortunately--it is the end of the month and like--
the money ran out for the month days ago!!!!
and it is very hard to go someplace and have it safer--
you do not know till you get there---crazy illness--anyways!!!!
Now if they had waited till mid month of May--
I could have come and seen alot of you!!!!
Aren't you glad it was this month???????

I am outta here for tonight--
take care---
Hugs, and smiles--Di and one poor confused--
Miss Gracie


  1. I'm glad the smells aren't too bad for you, Di. Good job on getting so many quilt tops basted and ready for quilting! Where in the world do you lay so many out at the same time?! LOL at Miss Gracie's "stash"! Too too funny. She's in a "heap 'o trouble!

    I hope the "men in white coats" are almost done!

  2. I just love your froggie quilt!!! I have never seen fabric like that before, it is wonderful!!! You hand baste like I do, the old fashioned way! (I don't like the pin thingy, they get in the way when I want to machine quilt, but I know some people love them!!!)
    Now that I've seen Miss Gracie's stash, I will have to check up on Miss Mini and see if she has her own stash too LOL!!! How funny was that!

  3. I love the red white and blue quilt, it's so beautiful! Everything you've done is gorgeous. I have a question about your embroidery blocks...you back them with batting while you're quilting them, right? I see you sewed sashing between them...any problems with the batting? Just wondering since as you know I always wonder what to put on the back of my embroidery! :-) I hope Zero Draft is done soon...I see their commercials all the time!

  4. Oops, I meant you back them with batting when STITCHING, not quilting! Sorry!

  5. Always something isn't it? You still manage to get lots of work done though sweets.
    Hugs to you and Miss Gracie.

  6. You have been very busy even with everything going on around there.
    Don't tell those men in white about your crazy friends.

  7. What an eventful day!! I love your cabin stitchery - as well as all your other projects of course - the fir trees look very realistic. Looks like Miss Gracie is going to have to find a new place for hiding her sweets!!


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