Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I can't believe it--
but I got another full work day in--
In the sewing room--
and 'no' traumatic' events--either!!!!
Last evening I did the binding done on this quilt---
so another ufo gets off the 'to do' list---yes!!!!!

and I got this one all basted--
so this is off the table--
but now this one is on the table--

oppps----that is one that I have only showed you parts of and I can't find a picture of it in my file right now--sorry--all I can say --is---it's on the table!!!!!

Now today after a trip to Walmart for a couple groceries--
I worked on quilt backings--
got the backing ready for one of my "pink and green" quilts--
and then I did the backing to this one--
Now both of these pink and green quilts are about 65 x 54-65"--
so you either have to buy the large backings or you have to piece--
discovered that with the large backings it would cost me about $25 each--
did not like that--and there is alot of fabric there in my drawers--
so I pieced--that first one--is only 2 different pieces--
the backing for this one--
well--that 'Di'  just might of gotten carried away--
here it is--
Yep--wild and loud----
I figured I can only use just soooo many quilts--so I needed to double them up--
I would put one on front and one on the back--I will now have a reversible quilt--
so which side to you go by for the quilting????
I will still go with the pink and green side!!!!

I have one more larger quilt--but not as large as the two pink and green ones that I want to get a backing pieced for--then get these three hand basted and I will be one happy camper!!!!

Only--it will be a challenge--
as the month of May is filling up fast with all kinds of appointments--
I guess I can not complain--
I have  had a slow winter---
so watch out world Di will be out and about in May!!!!!!!!!
PS--they have us under 'bad storm warnings and tornado's"--
we don't get tornado's--so this is scary tonight!!!


  1. The back of your quilt is adorable! I've pieced a few backs, because I just don't want to go buy any more fabric - and they've turned out cute! I wish I could get as much work done in a week as you do in a day. :-)

  2. Pieced backings are so much fun and add an interesting aspect to the quilt. I love that Quilting Diva (is that what it is?) fabric - so much fun!!

  3. Well done Di.
    Just love the backing fabric too.

    Hope the Tornado stays away and you keep safe.

  4. The backing fabric is so cute! And the pink and green is lovely.
    Hope the bad weather passed you by.

  5. I love that backing fabric Di! What a great idea to have two quilts in one, depending on your mood I guess!!! I have heard about all the terrible weather you guys have been having and loss of life, I sure hope you are not in the storm's path.

  6. Hi Di, I'm catching up on reading your blog after being away for over a week. All these quilts are so pretty - I do like the quilting ladies' fabric. What you need is one of those gas masks that the men in white wear - then you'ld be set! LOL!! And Gracies' stash is so funny! I bet you all did have a good laugh over that!

  7. I love that pink quilt. Is that from the Jelly Roll Quilt Along? I usually piece my backings too. Unless I stuble on a large piece of free fabric: old sheets, old blankets, whatever is free. I bought backing once, when I first started quilting and will never do it again. It easily double a very expensive quilt. Besides, that fabric lady quilt is adorable!


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