Sunday, May 29, 2011


Blogger is working tonight--
time to celebrate--

It has been a really rough month for so many of us--
and then rougher yet for alot of you and yours--
It is almost hard to read some of the blog sites--
so much hurt--sadness-illness--and tragedy that has happened--
but then again that is "why" we are all here doing this every chance we get--
to share those hurts--broken hearts--wonders--sadness--depressed feelings we get--
we are here for each other and we must continue to be faithful in our posting and reading!!

And then, we have to add in the weather/storms--and blogger not working alot lately--
and really busy lives--and it's a wonder that we get to post at all!

Well--for me--
Lil sister and Morris--- did actually move back to SC yesterday--
so I have a big hole in my life right now--
but--I have lots and lots of work around here to do!!!!
As I am really in the 'change over' mode again--
yep--you heard right--again!!!!
Hey--- maybe I will just get it right this time--
provided I ever get some time to be getting to it!!!!
everyday it seems there is something around to distract me from the real job of  'doing it'!!!!
Like today--friend called and off to JoAnn's sale we went!!!!
and yes--came home with some goodies!!!

Are you ready for a 'funny' story????
I took a shower on Friday morning--
and as I pulled back the shower curtain--

I seen a scene that totally left me standing in the shower in 'shock'!!!
my bathroom was all water--yep--there was nearly a half an inch of water on the whole floor--
water running down the medicine cabinet across the room--water dripping from the ceiling--
and I live on the 2nd floor--no body above me--
so I went to grab the towel--only to discover that it--along with everything else fabric in the bathroom was 'wetter' than I was!!!!!!!

So had to dash out here and get a towel out of the laundry--threw on some clothes and went downstairs and found the housekeeper--we discovered that as I was taking a shower--the shower was also giving the bathroom a shower--as the shower head was spraying water out of one of the connections!!!!
So to make a long story short here--
I have a totally 'stripped' naked bathroom and it is now shinny clean--
so I am going to redo it now toooooo!!!!!!
I sure did not laugh about it then--
but now as I type this--
it does sound 'funny' doesn't it?????

Well--miss gracie is here wanting some loving--
so I am off of here for now--
stay safe--and don't forget to laugh now and then---

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


On Tuesday 4 of us went to Pizza Hut for the lunch buffet--
and I had to take these pictures of the azalea bush that was outside--
talk about full of blooms---
and I got some flowers in the mail yesterday--
winnings from Joy and Alices' challenge--
and would you believe I do not have this line yet????

In today's mail call--
my order from the Raspberry Rabbit came in--
can't wait to find something to stitch with all these new colors of thread!!!

Even some treats!!!!
Another winning--
think I have forgotten to show this one--
Won this from Linda at The quilted Pineapple blog site--
and I had wanted some of this line--
and Have wanted to make another small quilt--
so why am I in the middle of this "reorganization" thingy again??????????

Lil sister and her husband loaded up part of her things today--
guess they plan to leave sometime late afternoon tomorrow--
oh it will be sooo quiet around here---

well must go for now--
pray the sun is shinning where ever you all are today/tomorrow!!!

Monday, May 23, 2011


Well lil sister and I did our 'over town' trip on Sunday--
and as usual==we had a good time and came home with 'treasures'--
got the above items at the Quilt shop--
I just think this fabric is sooo cute--
have no idea what I will do with it--
probably give it to my friend Anne for a baby blanket????

Got these two items at the Country shop--
think this church bird house will look nice with a bird house I got there last year!!

I picked this up at the animal shelter thrift store--
they were having a sale--and I had seen this there before and had talked myself out of it--
but that didn't work this time!!!

and here is a 'sneak' peek at one of the 'new' pieces of "old" furniture I bought--
this does look so much better in here and is so much more my style!!!
I just have to find some time to clean it all up and get it ready to decorate--
maybe I will have more time the second Tuesday of next week????!!!!!

and here is a picture of some miniature iris's in a garden on the way to over town--
these were soooo pretty!!!

I have not done any kind of stitching in a long time--
but am working steady on the knitting right now--
I will try to get some more pictures taken tomorrow--
you all stay safe now--
hate hearing all about these tornado's destroying so many homes and business'es--
and so many lives lost--my heart and prayers go out to all of these folks--

Hugs, Di and somewhere around here is a cat --
called miss gracie--

Saturday, May 21, 2011


There has been way too many things going on here!!!
I owe so many of you 'thank you' emails for still leaving me comments--
often cute and funny--or sweet and lovely comments--
I want to let you all know that you have all helped me through a very busy--
and somewhat 'stressful' time--
The next few days are going to be extra hard too--
there is just 3 days left for lil sister to be here without her husband--
and one of those days--Monday -- I will be gone all day--
so we have tomorrow and Tuesday--
so I will once still be busy and on the go---
so please hang in there with me--
I will be back to the same old me then--I hope!!!!

Knitting update--
I did get the 'zipper' problem fixed---
and did not have to start over--
I have about 8" done on it so far and have added the second color section!!!

Today I went to advanced sock class--
ended up being the only student--and that was nice--
and I learned 3 new stitches---!!!!

This afternoon was the beginning of the vest class--
only two of us showed up--
and we only worked on doing the cast on stitches--
after I got home--more of the old-new furniture came--
that was fun--the poor other residents don't know if I am coming or going????
cause as one piece of furniture came in the door another one usually went out!!!!
So now I have lots of work to do in organizing all these pieces with what goes into each one!!!!
After a nap--I got the vest project out--I kept feeling like I had a too large of a needle--
and guess what -- I did have---so off all those stitches came and I have restarted it once again!!!!

It was a beautiful sunny warm day here today--
that was the hard part of having to be inside all day---
Maybe it will be nice tomorrow and I can be outside in the sunshine????!!!!!

Well you all be good now--
and have a great rest of the week end--

Hugs, Di and my window dressing--Miss Gracie

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


or at least I tried to get some work done!!!!
This morning I was fairly productive!!!
Here is the new/old shelf units--
Step 1--clean off all shelves and the 'stuff' from in front of the shelves!

step 2--add a pretty wall paper border to top of each shelf-once the shelves are set up at right height!
Step 3--put dolls back on top like I had on the old single cabinet!

Step 4--
Well that is when my plan was taken over by others--
so Step 4 is still waiting --so  you all must wait to see what is next too????

remember me saying I had started knitting a sweater???
Nice looking hu????
Oh my--what is that???
That is where Di tried to fix one twisted stitch that was 4-5 rows down--
thinking it would be 'simple'!!!!
The 'simple' may mean taking it all out and starting all over again????
Will go to the Yarn shop tomorrow and get the verdict????

So now what is everyone else up to??
you all must be as busy as me as I do not see alot of post updates????
Hope all is well with everyone and that it just means that you are all out in the gardens--or doing something really fun!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


and I am so excited--
my friend Anne was here this morning and we were visiting and we looked up and there was a beautiful male humming bird buzzing around one of the plants I had set into the new window box outside!!!
So we went to the greenhouse down the street and I got some more plants a small feeder and set the window box up right--
Sure hope he comes back!!!!

Well--I know that you all have been waiting to see the new 'set-up'--
so here goes--
A new hp computer with the Windows 7 in it--
My old one was bigger and heavier and it had the visa in it--
I am keeping it too--at least for a while!!!
and here is the new big screen--
It is a 32 inch TV set--but it is also my new computer screen--
everything is hooked up to it--I can now sit back in my chair and type and read blog sites
as I also have some wireless equipment to go with it all!!
And here is the old desk that I found to put it all on!!!
works perfect!!!
the yellow stand beside the desk that holds the other 'stuff' will be replaced with another stand this week end!!!
and this is the new printer--
I really liked my old one--but it was wearing out the 'ink' for it was expensive--
this one is suppose to be  cheaper--we will see!!!!

and this is the tree that is across the street---
it is just soooo pretty right now!!!

I am still really tired from all the 'work', shopping, and playing from last week--
so am still behind--but--one of these days????????

Take care and if you are where it is raining--
remember to take the umbrella with you!!!!!
and a loving miss gracie!!!

Monday, May 16, 2011


well-maybe somewhat!!!
once I refind the apartment!!!
Lots of things have changed around here-
different furniture--some new toys--
so all will be keeping me busy!!!

Today though I got to go to a quilt demo with Eleanor Burns, sister, Pat--
It was held in the basement of one of the local churches--
and this "ole" gal did learn some new tricks--
and we had a good time!!!
Here is some more pictures--
Ohhh-are these my colors or what!!!!!
Really liked this one too!!!
this one is really neat--
this little one is from Eleanor's Barn book that she did last year!!
Eleanor has several patterns out now too--this tree is one of them!!!
Of course the new book had to come home with me--
and the other one has a neat ruler in the back of it--
just never know when I might need that!!!!
Here is another one of her patterns--
I love that turkey table runner--
and two more rulers!!!!

Came home and had some mail--
Can you believe how small these scissors are????
the lamb is a magnetic needle holder!!!
a little bag of different charms--tiny!!!

this delightful pattern!!!

It was rainy here again today for the most part--
the 'kid' headed back to Fl this morning--
she said that by tomorrow she should be in dry and sunny states!!!

Well--hope everyone is having fun--
PS  miss gracie--have you been playing in the mud again????
some how some muddy paw prints are on the computer!!!!!
( not sure how she did that as she is an inside cat--but you know how these cats can be??)

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