Tuesday, May 17, 2011


and I am so excited--
my friend Anne was here this morning and we were visiting and we looked up and there was a beautiful male humming bird buzzing around one of the plants I had set into the new window box outside!!!
So we went to the greenhouse down the street and I got some more plants a small feeder and set the window box up right--
Sure hope he comes back!!!!

Well--I know that you all have been waiting to see the new 'set-up'--
so here goes--
A new hp computer with the Windows 7 in it--
My old one was bigger and heavier and it had the visa in it--
I am keeping it too--at least for a while!!!
and here is the new big screen--
It is a 32 inch TV set--but it is also my new computer screen--
everything is hooked up to it--I can now sit back in my chair and type and read blog sites
as I also have some wireless equipment to go with it all!!
And here is the old desk that I found to put it all on!!!
works perfect!!!
the yellow stand beside the desk that holds the other 'stuff' will be replaced with another stand this week end!!!
and this is the new printer--
I really liked my old one--but it was wearing out the 'ink' for it was expensive--
this one is suppose to be  cheaper--we will see!!!!

and this is the tree that is across the street---
it is just soooo pretty right now!!!

I am still really tired from all the 'work', shopping, and playing from last week--
so am still behind--but--one of these days????????

Take care and if you are where it is raining--
remember to take the umbrella with you!!!!!
and a loving miss gracie!!!


  1. Wow! New toys! How fun! Just tell Miss Gracie to keep her muddy paws off them, lol.

  2. Love the new laptop -- the flowers are exciting.
    Love the tree across the street,
    also. What type is it.

  3. NICE! Have fun playing with your new toys, Di. Neat about the hummer...I hope it comes back.

  4. Love the colourful laptop!!! Have fun with your new toys!!!

  5. Looks like Christmas came early at your house Di!! :-) Have fun with your new toys!

  6. Congrat's on your fabulous new system!!!
    xx, shell


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