Monday, May 23, 2011


Well lil sister and I did our 'over town' trip on Sunday--
and as usual==we had a good time and came home with 'treasures'--
got the above items at the Quilt shop--
I just think this fabric is sooo cute--
have no idea what I will do with it--
probably give it to my friend Anne for a baby blanket????

Got these two items at the Country shop--
think this church bird house will look nice with a bird house I got there last year!!

I picked this up at the animal shelter thrift store--
they were having a sale--and I had seen this there before and had talked myself out of it--
but that didn't work this time!!!

and here is a 'sneak' peek at one of the 'new' pieces of "old" furniture I bought--
this does look so much better in here and is so much more my style!!!
I just have to find some time to clean it all up and get it ready to decorate--
maybe I will have more time the second Tuesday of next week????!!!!!

and here is a picture of some miniature iris's in a garden on the way to over town--
these were soooo pretty!!!

I have not done any kind of stitching in a long time--
but am working steady on the knitting right now--
I will try to get some more pictures taken tomorrow--
you all stay safe now--
hate hearing all about these tornado's destroying so many homes and business'es--
and so many lives lost--my heart and prayers go out to all of these folks--

Hugs, Di and somewhere around here is a cat --
called miss gracie--


  1. Ooooooooo! Lot's of great goodies Di! I love that cupboard!
    xx, shell

  2. The cupboard is awesome! And you know I love the "Count your Blessings" sign. Great treasures.

  3. Great cupboard, it should come up beautifully with a bit of TLC!!! It has a prim furniture look about it, which I love!!!


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