Thursday, June 23, 2011


A post tonight--
not sure what to write about tonight???

I have been busy--
but with just the 'regular' things of life--
so that is not very interesting--
I mean how many times does one talk about cleaning the kitty 'box' and washing the dishes and doing the weekly laundry????
Guess I am in a 'summer' slump!!!

Now I have been busy--
got this months Tis the Season blocks stitched--
more knitting done--
some more decluttering done--
But again not much to show you or to talk about--

But I am here and I am fine--
and Miss Gracie is here and she seems fine---
So -- that is good news!!!!

I did go to knitting class today and worked along--
and yes I did buy more yarn--
why you ask????
Just because--just because I liked the color and I wanted it!!!!
Bad me---I have been reading a book/novel on knitting--and she was telling in it last night that her mother never had a stash--yet she knitted all the time--she would knit up a project and then go to the store and look over all the yarn and patterns and then purchase just what she needed to do that project--she had to have more 'will' power that me---I am soooo afraid that the one color that I think I just have to have will not be there the next time I go in--SO it just comes home with me--and even if it never gets made up into anything--it is loved and admired just the same--and I think that is all any of us wants from life--
OK Di time to get off the soap box and say --goodnight/goodmorning--


  1. Oh! Di you made me laugh!!! The silly reasons we buy additions to our stash whether it be fabric or wool yarn!!! it is so true! I mean someone has to love it and give it a good home, right!!!!

  2. You mean we're expected to USE the fabric and yarn? Seriously? Well I've got some time on my hands, so maybe I'll start using some of mine.

  3. The more I knit and the more I sew, the bigger hoard of fabric and yarn I get! Very strange!
    Glad you and miss Gracie are fine.

  4. Looking forward now to seeing you knitting:-) And of course: Happy Sewing aswell!!

  5. Di, how fun you buy yarn or fabric just for the color and how it makes you feel! That's great! I'm glad you're making progress getting chores done. Now you can honestly spend time doing crafty projects without suffering from guilt cause you didn't do your chores! lol


  6. Love all your knitting Di! Found a cute knitted bunny pattern the other day. Trying to remember where I saw it! Dag!
    xx, shell


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