Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I am tired of all this work--
work and work--then it seems as I look around--
I see 'no' work that is done--
yet I know I have been busy--

Today I did more work on the bedroom--
as I have a new bed coming tomorrow--
my back has been 'screaming' at me for awhile now--
and I realized on the trip to NH that I needed a new mattress--
found one on Monday--

I am so hoping to get most all of the redo done by July 4th--
that will be my celebration--and how!!!!

See ya soon--
am still knitting mainly--
and alittle embroidery here and there!!!

Hugs, Di and her kitty--
the famous-- Miss Gracie!!!!!!


  1. Housework's like that!!! you put in 110% and then it just looks at you like you haven't made an effort at all LOL!!! I know I did some this morning and well what'd'ya know, it wants more attention!! Boo-hoo I say, and I went and made a quilt label for my latest completed UFO!!!! So much more satisfying!!!!

  2. A new mattress is going to feel soooo good. I ordered one for our Daughter a couple weeks ago. It should be arriving next week. I figure since I paid for it I should get to test it out, right? She picked out one of those squishy memory foam ones so it should be real comfortable.

  3. Enjoy your new bed, Di! It will make a world of difference! Hope by the 4th you can get back to enjoying your sewing!

    Carol (NJ)

  4. I wish my bedroom looked like that! LOL!


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