Wednesday, June 8, 2011


the girls I was with in NH went to into a grocery store one night on the way home--
I was in too much delightful 'pain' to go in--
they came out with these 'tiny tiny' banana's and they laughed about them the next two days!!!!

the next morning when Denise and I went out to the Van ahead of Carol--
we actually found a monkey in her van--
he was after those tiny banana's === I just know it!!
Is he not cute or what!!!
Carol found him at Keepsakes--actually--
and she knew that Denise had gotten some sock monkey fabric--
so she got him for her and put him up to 'no good' for her find the next morning!!!
So I think one could say--
We had a 'monkey' of a good time there!!!!

Today I worked in the sewing room--
and I took out things that did not belong in there--
so now I can get around and am working at getting things organized in that area--
so good for me!!!
Also did go to the Red Hat luncheon as we were celebrating two of our ladies '90th' birthdays!!!!

I am also on here a lot still trying to get get cleaned up==deleted==updated-== and downloaded!!!
I think I do miss the Vista program though!!!
Leave to me!!!!

Well--am outta here for tonight--
Hugs, Di and a more comfortable miss gracie


  1. OK you know I am in love with those purples.
    And those cute kitties.
    We used to grow those tiny bananas in our back yard in Florida.
    Sounds like you guys had a blast.

  2. LOL at the monkey with the tiny bananas!

    Nice fabric! Looking forward to seeing your creations.

    Carol (NJ)

  3. Those fabrics are adorable! Sounds like fun with the "monkeying around." :-) You've been busy, glad you've been enjoying yourself! xo Jen

  4. I love your purple fabrics, very nice!! I'm curious about the bananas, because here in Australia we have a smallish banana variety called Lady Fingers, they are small and dainty and have just a slighty different flavour to the usual banana variety!


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