Thursday, June 9, 2011


Came home with me--
as you can see--here--
and here is the other side of the table!!!!
do remember this is a small round table!!!!
and I do promise to do better pictures of the these items as I use them in there displays--
that is when and how I decide to do them!!!!

Am getting some more work done in the sewing room---
and have actually cleaned out the walk in  area of the walk in closet!!!!
now I need to bring out the drawer containers of fabrics--
and then put the shelves back in there that I had in there before--
so I can put those items that you==you know==those items that you want to keep---
but can't use right now==and you are keeping them for a 'rainy day'!!!!

This afternoon I needed to over town to the bank and needed to stop by the Quilt shop to check on something--and a another small bundle of wool pieces hopped in my bag and an 7 1/2" square ruler with them ----
then went to my knitting class--
am almost done with the first baby bootie/sock--
and learned how to do two stitches for the vest--
so now I need to work on them before the next class on Saturday--
then the 'other' sister came and we went to the annual book sale--
we go every year--I was good and did not buy alot--but did get 10 cross stitch magazines for 10 cents each to wander through!!!  and a couple novels on Christmas stories!!!
then I took my sister and her husband and puppy out to eat and then we went to walmart!!!
So I have been busy again today----

So be good you all----
hugs, Di and a missing for the moment miss gracie!!!!!


  1. Didja have to rent a trailer to haul all that loot home? Can't wait to see it spread out and in use. Be extra nice to my lil Gracie tonight!

  2. My goodness, Di, you sure have been out shopping! lol I'm glad you are working a teensy bit on cleaning up your 'space' while adding more to it!

    Does Miss Gracie 'attack' you when you come back home from your outings? She misses you!

    Carol (NJ)

  3. Some interesting treasures there Di!!! Nice little patterns too!!

  4. Now that's a haul of some serious loot!!
    xx, shell


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