Monday, June 20, 2011


and it was delightful outside too!!!
Beautiful blue skies and bright sunshine--
yet a nice breeze and only about 79 degrees out!!!
it was beautiful inside too!!!
Oh--you think I got all the decorating done--
don't I wished---
but no--last night at bedtime==I decided I was taking the day off today and I was gonna sew all day--
now-- not just sew--but I mean really sew--like on the sewing machine and everything--
I actually woke up 'happy' this morning!!!
and after breakfast--
I did retreat to the sewing room--
and my machine 'buzzed' away for a few hours--
and the iron heated up and did a lot of pressing--
and here is the results--
Side 1--

ahhh--Miss Gracie--you are looking very pretty today--
but they wanta see what I sewed today, too!!!
and here is side 2--
I had a hard time deciding which way I liked the diamond panel--
so I just did each side with the reverse --so now I have one tote with two looks!!!
Do you notice what is on the black print part????
Wonder what "Di" is gonna put inside this one???
OK Di just because Miss Gracie got in the post does not mean you can too!!
Oh another hint here!!!
Ahhh--now we are talking---
It is my new knitting bag with lots of pockets on the sides for all those 'tools' one needs to carry and the water bottle!!!
And here is some new pictures of how the vest is coming--
This is the front panel--
and there was to be one of these going up the back too--
but remember--I did not read that part--
So here is how I fixed it--
And the cables match on the front and back on the same rows!!!
Here is what the small side cables look like--
I still have a ways to go--
but it is coming right along nicely--hopefully!!!

As soon as I got it done at 4pm I went over town to show it to Nancy a friend who works in the Yarn shop but only on Mondays--I wanted to show her the bag and the vest--she was pleased that I stopped by--then went on to the quilt shop--cause I needed to restock my iron on stuff and heavy filling stuff for the inside walls of the purses and totes--also picked up some Neon colored thread--yes--Di bought something besides 'country' colors--the Neon thread looks great on the panels for the purses!!!

So I will end--with some pictures I took on the way home--
I have never seen these before--real pretty--
and here is another different one--
Ain't these "cool"!!!!
Happy Summer--or Winter--and have fun stitching tomorrow/today!!!


  1. Oh Di, you did a WONDERFUL job on your various projects. I am extremely impressed with your knitting! I bet Nancy was too!

    I think the middle flower picture is one of a petunia. I think the first flower one is a periwinkle. All the flowers are pretty! They like the cooler sunny weather!

    Carol (NJ)

  2. Your knitting is so pretty Di! Belly rubs to Miss Gracie.
    xx, shell

  3. I love that knitting bag! The pattern is so prety. You're knitting is coming along nicely and very clever of you to get the cables to match.
    Have a lovely day.

  4. You have been busy! I love to see everything you make. The knitting bag is so cute, and the vest is looking great! Your window box is so pretty and cheery too! Give Miss Gracie a kiss for me. :-) xo Jen

  5. Lindo blog!
    Belos trabalhos!
    Já sou tua seguidora.

  6. Just love your knitting bag/tote!!! And so useful with the inner pockets!!! My knitting bag is usually just an old pillowcase, boy will I have to remedy that situation LOL!!!! I'll have to hunt around for a suitable pattern!


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