Sunday, July 31, 2011


Oh my-- did I get some laughs today--
at myself--even!!
I was having one those days where you can't seem to get the 'sleepie's out of your eyes--
and all you want to do is go back to bed!!!
I did 'work' with it till after lunch--
then decided it was too nice out to sit here and work at staying awake--
when everything I wanted to do kept putting me to sleep!!!
So I decided to get out and do some treasure hunting!!!
now we know that this 'gal' does not need even one more treasure-
but you gotta do something to stay awake????
First stop over town cost me $10.00--
found this outside the shop--
and this 'little bit' of an ironstone pitcher inside--
it will look great with the other two sizes I have already--
and the hankie does have a design on the other side--
but it will be a gift--so I can't show it to you--yet!!!
Next stop--
was under $5.00
found this small pick of green leaves--
and the two colored berries--
and I do know just what I am going to do with these-soooo!!!
Next stop was to pick up an ice tea--
but the line was way too long--
but  I did find this--
and it is the cutest thing ever---
a little tiny cup in red even--or I should say that this is the color I bought--

 it is actually a measuring cup for liquids by tablespoons--
now this really is the 'bees knees'!!!!
Next stop --
the yarn shop--
and here is where the real laughter comes in--
I am now taking a crochet class--
learning how to make fingerless gloves in crochet--
and fingering yarn--am using the left over yarn from the pretty blues shawl--
I think I was all thumbs--or maybe even toes this afternoon--
I started the first cuff so many times--
but then even Amy the teacher had troubles--
we did laugh a lot all afternoon--
and I did get this far--
the first 3 rows--
now this only took me 3--yep--3 hours to accomplish!!!!!
but now I am on a roll here!!!!!
Then as I came up the stairs here from getting home--
I went to switch this machine 'off'--
and it had never gotten turned 'on'!!!!!!!
lol   lol    lol
(this is a small air purifying machine that you wear around your neck when you are in a place that bothers your breathing and I often have a problem at the yarn shop--so I always wear it there!!!)
so I guess it wasn't of much help today!!!
Have a great Monday--you all!!!!
Hugs, and a little laughter from--
Di and her Miss Gracie

Saturday, July 30, 2011


you "knot" the loops in the yarn---
I have been 'knotting' up a storm--
I mean--Knitting---
Here is a quick scarf that I did up--
it has what is called 'star' stitch in it--
and the yarn is one of those that has different thickness to it--
I really loved making this one--
and I love the colors all together!!!!
fingerless mittens--
one is nearly finished--
this one is even thumbless so far!!!!
I do have the 2nd one started--barely--
it took me '6' starts to get it right--
(don't ask!!!!)
Oh Hi Miss Gracie--
you mom is around here someplace--
probably tangled up in the yarn ball--
but she promises to get herself out of by your 'feeding' time!!!!
today was two classes--
this morning I finished this one--
yep--my vest--I can not believe that I really got this one all knitted!!!!
it fits me good--and feels nice on!!!!
here is the sides cable--
and here is 'my' verison of the cable on the back!!!
And here is the start

of the afternoon class--
guess what this is gonna be?????

that's all for tonight -- folks!!!!
Hugs--Di & miss gracie

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


from 'knitting'--
can you believe it???
I actually sewed today!!!
first last night I got the last block stitched --
then this morning I got the next 'letter of the 'w'--stitched--
and then I really really did go to the sewing room and --
drum roll here please!!!
and I sewed them together--
here is set 1--done in all blues--
and here is set 2 done in browns--
and I did get one of the Northwoods blocks started--

then after the 'much' needed nap today--
I actually--
now don't go and faint on me here--
I actually sewed on the 4 patch posies blocks--
these are the ones that I had matched up a while ago--
so now I need to match up the rest of them and get them ready to stitch!!!

I have learned that I have to do the computer between 6 and 8 pm--
otherwise I guess too many are on here and everything takes forever to download!!!
so much for 'fast' internet!!! 

Last night I did the big boy camera out--
and boy did I get me some great shots--
of flowers--
and look instead of a 'doggie in the window'
this is what I found--
this is Lily--she is new here--only been here a month now--
her owner has lived here for awhile and her other kitty pasted away--
and then I got some awesome sunset pictures---

I took a couple that are really really good and totally untouched by me--
those I won't show till I figure out how to get my signature on the photos--
oh and one cant go to the lake side with taking a picture of----
well--the computer is taking longer and longer to download the photos--so---
Have a great fun day today/tomorrow!!!
Hugs, Di and Miss gracie

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Sewing--or rather some embroidery work on my bom's--
and Chookyblue--
I have gotten each of the Tis the Season blocks stitched up with in the month they were due--
but have not gotten borders on them--
and another month--
and another one--
and this month's--
now the problem is--
I do not know if I want to do a whole quilt with them--
or use them to make some table runners/wall hangings and such with the blocks????
(and yes--I did not iron them before I took there photo's--I knew there was something I was suppose to do first!!!!)

Today I got 3 months worth of the Northwoods blocks traced out that I am embroidering--
and boy does this collection have alot of stitching---
here is one of the month's that I did get done--this was an easy month!!!

Now I have done a bit o' reading lately--
first I did read this one--
I enjoyed this book--the first part more so than the last I think--but all of it was good!!!!
and as we talk a moment about knitting--

I ended up unknitting 14 rows of the back of the pink vest--
just wasn't happy with the knitting and the count kept coming up wrong--

And here is the second book--
and I read this one in two days!!!!!!!
what a delightful book--
and now I will reveal another one of my May's birthday gifts to me!!!
as we look behind the book Hitty--
we actually find------
my very own Hitty doll--
she has her own special chair to watch me sew and knit --
and to keep an eye on that Miss Gracie!!!
and she has  a Jane Austin outfit too!!!!
(hey--when one wants to 'spoil' herself--she can do it in a big way--
at least once in a lifetime!!!!)
Next to Hitty in the little doll china cabinet --is this dolly--
and here is a better photo of the baby--
I have had this baby doll for a long time and the little blanket she is in came with her--
I do believe that it is the actual blanket that came on the doll when she was boughten by someone--
I probably picked her up at a yard sale--like I said years ago--
the little cradle has been another treasure from a sale but only a couple years ago!!!
the little pink rocker has also lived with me a long time now!!!!

and to all my 'flower' lovers--

Well--gonna take a walk with the camera and see 'who' I can shot tonight!!!
be good and smile--
Hugs, Di and that silly cat Miss Gracie--

Saturday, July 23, 2011


My local Quilt shop had their Christmas in July today--
and they put out the Christmas fabric that has come in so far--
and they had 20% off on it today only!!!!!
and that 'Di' person who loves a sale and really really does not need another piece of fabric--
even Christmas--did go!!!!

and here is what came home in her sleigh!!!!
No--not a new play mate for Miss Gracie!!!!
Something more interesting and fun--
Is this not cute--this will be table runners using that new ruler thingy I got last year and never got around to using!!!
Then you have to have some other fabrics to go with it==right???
I love all of these--I just could not leave the store without them--
and this is the first one that I feel 'fast in love with"--
So simple--yet so cute!!!!

Also stopped at the Country shop--
needed to refill my lungs with some 'cool' air to finish the walk home!!
and --and--
now I really really had no intentions of buying anything here--
just visiting--
cute jar came out with me and--
this sign!!!
the jar has a home already--
see I know what I am doing???????

and yes I did stop at the yarn shop--
to have some skeins of yarn spun into balls from the sale last week--
and to pick this up--
the shawl is all done and has now been blocked!!!!
it feels so 'nice' on!!!
I spent most of yesterday at the yarn shop fixing the top bind off row--
and fixing the pink vest so I can work on it!!!

They are saying cooler temps starting tomorrow--
I kinda hope so--need to get back to my doing some things around here--
like back to the sorting, and organizing and decorating--
you do know that by the time the decorating will be done it will be time to redo it for Fall!!!!!

Keep warm you all!!!!
Hugs, smiles, laughs--from Di and Miss Gracie

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