Friday, July 1, 2011


the first of July, here in NY state, has started off  the month on an almost perfect 'weather' wise day!!!!
Beautiful clear blue skies, sunshine, slight breeze--
and beautiful flowers in full bloom everywhere!!!!

I did 'kinda' take today off!!
kinda did the trip around town like lil sister and I used to do--
Oh and I started it off with  a bus ride to Wal mart and let me tell you--
that was one very busy place today and everybody in there was in a big hurry to get out and to be a gettin somewhere's else!!!!

This is the 'big' week end up at the race track--
the Phish band is up there in concert all week end--
so we have lots and lots of folks, and traffic in town!!!

So tomorrow me must get back to work--
and then work some more!!!!

The bed--
oh yes it did get delivered yesterday afternoon and I did sleep on it last night!!!
and guess what--no lower back ache this morning--
now I just hope that is the way it will be everymorning--
what a difference in how it made me feel all day even!!!

Well--be good and stay safe all week end--
Hugs, Di and her kitty--that Miss Gracie--
PS--there's a cat around here--maybe I had better just take this piece of cheese and runnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!


  1. Isn't it amazing what a good mattress can do for your life!!! and your sleep!! Have a great weekend!!

  2. Oh I'm so glad the bed helped you, Di! I agree, a good mattress makes ALL the difference!

    Have fun catching up on your stitchery.

    I started the new birth announcement I'm making for my stepdaughter. Making nice progress now. :-D

    Carol (NJ)

  3. Hey Di,
    Have a wonderful weekend! & 4th!!!

    God Bless America!


  4. I'm all for a decent mattress too, my back really tells me when I haven't had one. Just had a catch up read - looks like you have been busy lately with all sorts of things :-) Love that sheep knitting bag!!

  5. The right mattress is a good nights sleep!!
    Please send the good weather to Norway:-)


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