Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Sewing--or rather some embroidery work on my bom's--
and Chookyblue--
I have gotten each of the Tis the Season blocks stitched up with in the month they were due--
but have not gotten borders on them--
and another month--
and another one--
and this month's--
now the problem is--
I do not know if I want to do a whole quilt with them--
or use them to make some table runners/wall hangings and such with the blocks????
(and yes--I did not iron them before I took there photo's--I knew there was something I was suppose to do first!!!!)

Today I got 3 months worth of the Northwoods blocks traced out that I am embroidering--
and boy does this collection have alot of stitching---
here is one of the month's that I did get done--this was an easy month!!!

Now I have done a bit o' reading lately--
first I did read this one--
I enjoyed this book--the first part more so than the last I think--but all of it was good!!!!
and as we talk a moment about knitting--

I ended up unknitting 14 rows of the back of the pink vest--
just wasn't happy with the knitting and the count kept coming up wrong--

And here is the second book--
and I read this one in two days!!!!!!!
what a delightful book--
and now I will reveal another one of my May's birthday gifts to me!!!
as we look behind the book Hitty--
we actually find------
my very own Hitty doll--
she has her own special chair to watch me sew and knit --
and to keep an eye on that Miss Gracie!!!
and she has  a Jane Austin outfit too!!!!
(hey--when one wants to 'spoil' herself--she can do it in a big way--
at least once in a lifetime!!!!)
Next to Hitty in the little doll china cabinet --is this dolly--
and here is a better photo of the baby--
I have had this baby doll for a long time and the little blanket she is in came with her--
I do believe that it is the actual blanket that came on the doll when she was boughten by someone--
I probably picked her up at a yard sale--like I said years ago--
the little cradle has been another treasure from a sale but only a couple years ago!!!
the little pink rocker has also lived with me a long time now!!!!

and to all my 'flower' lovers--

Well--gonna take a walk with the camera and see 'who' I can shot tonight!!!
be good and smile--
Hugs, Di and that silly cat Miss Gracie--


  1. Lovely embroidery, Di. I think table runners or pictures would look pretty with the blocks. Sorry about having to unknit your work, but hopefully it will come out right when you redo it. Lovely flowers too.

    You always manage to put a smile on my face, Di. It's been a horrid 6 days since my stepson died. Today was the funeral. :-(

    Carol (NJ)

  2. I love all the treasures you have collected over the years, the Hitty doll is adorable. The 'tis the season blocks are socute - they would look good in any setting I reckon! And isn't Miss Gracie looking well--I didn't realise she had such neat colouring on her. Have a good day!!

  3. Your little embroidery blocks are lovely, I wish I had time to sit and stitch something like that!! Love your Hitty doll, she is quite wonderful!!! also the doll furniture too, they make such a nice display! Yes the flower shots are always nice to see!!!

  4. What a wonderful birthday gift to give yourself! Hitty is so charming. I am a fellow Hitty fan with a Hitty doll and book like yours. I was so crazy about her, I even joined that club where you can make accessories for her. Love the pic of Miss Gracie, too!

  5. just get the TTS blocks made into what ever your happy with........what fabrics have you chosen????


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