Wednesday, July 13, 2011


The weather cools down enough to be able to turn the noisy fans and a/c off--
so I can open the windows and then----
there is something in the air that affects my eyes--
and they 'burn and sting' and I have to close the windows--
and turn the noise makers back on!!!!!

I did hear from lil sister this morning--
she is well--and very 'hot'!!!
so she is not doing much--except housework!!

I did get more done on the 'new' look--
finally got the old quilt on the cabinet door--
Found the 'poor' table and then was able to also get the new curtains up and table cloth on the dinning room set--
and look what I did with the valance to the curtains???
I strung some ribbon through the casting and tied it around the hanging ceiling light!!!
as I discovered I did not really need it on the window curtains!!!

Here is a view of the new table runner that is on the drop leaf table that now sits behind the new wicker couch--

and here is some newer pictures of my garden--

Have more for tomorrow !!!

the knitting is gonna drive me crazy one of these days--
but in the mean time I am learning alot about 
unraveling and starting over--once again!!!!

Be good and hug a friend today ( or call one)--
Hugs, with some 'cool' thoughts coming your way--
from Di and Miss Gracie!!!!


  1. What a beautiful decor change & gorgeous florals.

    TTFN ~

  2. What a pretty quilt! I like how you decorated.

  3. I love how you're always changing your look....keeps things interesting! Sorry you couldn't keep your windows open, it's so nice to be able to get fresh air (and quiet)! I like what you did with your curtains, very nice! Your flowers are gorgeous too! xo Jen

  4. Your place is looking great! I used to enjoy rearranging furniture and decor, but haven't done it much since I got married. Too much "stuff" to try to rearrange it. Beautiful garden.

  5. It all looks so lovely. I specially love the quilt hanging over the cabinet door ;)

  6. Di, you just love change, don't you? But you're very creative with your linens! I like the quilt draped over the cabinet door too. Awesome garden!!!

    Carol (NJ)

  7. Everything looks so pretty Di! You should be participating in Where Bloggers Create with such a pretty space! :)
    hugs to you and miss gracie too!
    xx, shell

  8. Your interior decorative skills have created a lovely cottage-like feel!! Nicely done! I love your little garden too, very colourful!


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