Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I am doing the happy dance tonight--
and it is not over scissors this time--
Remember this 'mess'????
Well--I now have this--
from that mess--
the shawl is done--I do believe this was more than I was ready to handle--
but she done and she is a pretty thing!!!
She will go to the yarn shop tomorrow to be blocked--
and then I can use 'her'!!!!

Now over the week end I did make this--
a wool scarf that each block has a different design--
It was fun to do and quick and I loved learning some new stitches!!!

and while I was doing the laundry downstairs today--
I was able to finish--
the back to my sweater I am doing--
so now I have to start the two front pieces to it!!!!
and there is still the other "2" projects in progress!!

Now here is a picture for you Sunny!!
Do you see where your little bear found a friend and a new home?????

Here's your 'photos' for today--
Yes that is a lady bug on the petal!!!

Well gotta go for now--
be careful of the heat tomorrow--
stay inside and sew--that an order from me!!!!
Hugs, Di and a pesky Miss Gracie


  1. I'm glad the bear gets to sit with such a cute doll!

  2. Well done with all of your projects.
    Love the little heart on your scarf. Looks like it was a really fun way to learn different things.
    Bear and friend are very cute.

  3. Your shawl is gorgeous Di, and I love the idea of doing a scarf like that, using different sections with a different pattern, how neat!! I may have to borrow that idea!!! Enjoying your flower pics!!!!

  4. Di, such lovely work! I'm glad you're completing projects. That scarf with all the varied blocks is lovely! Enjoy it!

    Keep the flower pics coming!

    Carol (NJ)

  5. Lovely shawl! I have been knitting a bit lately too - but then we have only had a few days of summer weather out here in the Pacific Northwest so knitting seems to be just the thing for a cold summer day :)

  6. Beautiful shawl and scarf. The bear and doll will become good friends.
    It is great fun to create things- very satisfying.
    Thanks for sharing.


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