Sunday, July 31, 2011


Oh my-- did I get some laughs today--
at myself--even!!
I was having one those days where you can't seem to get the 'sleepie's out of your eyes--
and all you want to do is go back to bed!!!
I did 'work' with it till after lunch--
then decided it was too nice out to sit here and work at staying awake--
when everything I wanted to do kept putting me to sleep!!!
So I decided to get out and do some treasure hunting!!!
now we know that this 'gal' does not need even one more treasure-
but you gotta do something to stay awake????
First stop over town cost me $10.00--
found this outside the shop--
and this 'little bit' of an ironstone pitcher inside--
it will look great with the other two sizes I have already--
and the hankie does have a design on the other side--
but it will be a gift--so I can't show it to you--yet!!!
Next stop--
was under $5.00
found this small pick of green leaves--
and the two colored berries--
and I do know just what I am going to do with these-soooo!!!
Next stop was to pick up an ice tea--
but the line was way too long--
but  I did find this--
and it is the cutest thing ever---
a little tiny cup in red even--or I should say that this is the color I bought--

 it is actually a measuring cup for liquids by tablespoons--
now this really is the 'bees knees'!!!!
Next stop --
the yarn shop--
and here is where the real laughter comes in--
I am now taking a crochet class--
learning how to make fingerless gloves in crochet--
and fingering yarn--am using the left over yarn from the pretty blues shawl--
I think I was all thumbs--or maybe even toes this afternoon--
I started the first cuff so many times--
but then even Amy the teacher had troubles--
we did laugh a lot all afternoon--
and I did get this far--
the first 3 rows--
now this only took me 3--yep--3 hours to accomplish!!!!!
but now I am on a roll here!!!!!
Then as I came up the stairs here from getting home--
I went to switch this machine 'off'--
and it had never gotten turned 'on'!!!!!!!
lol   lol    lol
(this is a small air purifying machine that you wear around your neck when you are in a place that bothers your breathing and I often have a problem at the yarn shop--so I always wear it there!!!)
so I guess it wasn't of much help today!!!
Have a great Monday--you all!!!!
Hugs, and a little laughter from--
Di and her Miss Gracie


  1. You've really been branching out with your crafts lately! I love to crochet but I've never been a big fan of fingering weight yarn. I like to work with a bigger hook, plus it goes alot faster with larger yarn and hook.

    I've tried those personal air cleaners. I was amazed at how much of a difference it makes. It was nice for my allergies but it kept causing trouble with my asthma. Definitely a neat little machine though.

  2. What a fun day! I gave in and took the nap. Nothing better than a Sunday afternoon nap!

    I received a squishy package from the two of you yesterday, and i thank you! Your are too kind. I can't wait to use the fabric, and the little bear will sit near my machine to watch over me, and remind me of friends and blessings.

  3. I gave up, too, took a short nap then back to the studio. Have no idea what I accomplished. Certainly not what you pulled off today! Love those treasures, esp. the measuring cup.

  4. Sounds like a fun-ny day for you, Di. Glad you found some new treasures, esp. the measuring cup! What will "they" think up next?!

    Eager to see the finished finger-less gloves.

    Carol (NJ)

  5. BEES KNEES!!! I needed a giggle!

  6. Good for you to try crochet! Believe me it does get better with practice! I learned when I was around 10yrs old, am left handed and had a teacher that was determined to teach me right handed!! (Actually she was a bit of a bully!!) but I really wanted to learn so I had to cave in! I have loved doing it and love to make lace around hankies; scarves, blankets, hats etc Good luck with the fingerless mittens!!! As long as you keep your sense of humour, all is well even if some projects resemble a birds' next LOL!!!!

  7. Sounds like you had a fun day Di! Fingerless gloves sound perfect for winter stitching!
    xx, shell

  8. I`m catching up :-) and boy! you really work on lots of things. Love your flower/nature pics.And all the knittings (the cable on the back is great),And angels are my favorite,And looking forward to be seeing the TTS.(I`m way back)


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