Thursday, July 21, 2011


Well remember yesterday's post about all the knitting projects--
I was so happy to have the shawl totally finished--
and I took it to class so that Sue would 'block' it for me--
but when we held it up--
we discovered that I had bound off the top part too tight--
and I was soooo sure I had done it loosely--but?????
It is fixable and I will return to the shop tomorrow and with her help and guidance I will fix it!!!

Now I also have been working on this project--
and remember that I did not realize that this same center panel went up the back--
so I ended up doing this to the back--
No problem and I decided I rather liked it better this way anyways!!!

Well here a while back it was time for me to 'split' the middle cable into the right and left sides--
to go around the neck--and off I went--got the left side worked up to nearly the length needed and then started on the right side--worked on it in class this afternoon and as one of the newer knitters came around the table to look at it and I 'held' it up---
oh my--pleaseeeee tell me I did not do this--
I had 'split' the back cable center instead of the front--
no the teacher Sue says that's ok==no body see's the front and back at the same time--
and it would of been ok, really--
for the fact that the 'main' reason I am doing this pullover vest is because I like that point look in the FRONT--not the back--
so after eating a slice of pizza and a nap==
I knew what I had to do--
unravel it--and I did it!!!!
so will take it to the shop tomorrow to be sure I did it right and to see how to start dividing the right side ==front side to make the vest!!!!

Yep--we had a hot one today--was 107 on the bank temp today--ouch!!!!

went out last night and did some more photos--
so here goes--
a large sail boat was coming into dock--
here it is along the rock barrier that is beyond the piers--
and for my flower lover's--
Ahhh--Miss Gracie--I am showing flowers to our friends--
OH ok--yes you are my pretty 'flower' of a kitty--
  as you have many different colors!!!

Hugs, one and all from Di and her kitty
PS the 'money' that was stolen is now back into my account--
thankfully--now if the new debit cards would get here I could go shopping!!


  1. Sorry you were rejected! They look pretty.

  2. Sorry you had to unravel! Your knitting is beautiful, and you'll be very happy with yourself when you're finished.

  3. Once your knitting projects are completed you will forget about all the little annoyances you have experienced!!!! It's all a learning process, and you will be very happy with the outcome I'm sure!!!!

  4. Yk, Di, your making mistakes is all about learning. I'm sorry they happened, but the final outcome once they are fixed is a beautiful piece of work! I'm glad you have a helpful lady in the shop to guide you through your corrections.

    Ahh, Queen Anne's Lace is beautiful! I've been wanting to dig some up and plant it in my yard. Haven't done it yet, because i don't know if it grows in total shade or if it needs full sun.

    Stay cool as best you can! It's HOT!

    Carol (NJ)


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