Monday, July 11, 2011


I did it this time--
had to unravel some knitting--
for like the 4th time--
and was lazy and did not rewind it on the ball
like a good girl--
and this is now what I have--
A nice rat's nest!!!!!!
but I am making progress----
at least I can only hope!!!

Went to Wal mart today--
and yes-- I did alittle shopping--
and here is what I 'hooked' today--
Oh--Miss Gracie where did you come from???
I guess she has to check it out first!!!
Crazy cat---
I got me some new tools--
but now that means that I will have to clean out my tool box in order to be able to get them all in--
some of those screw drivers are long too--but could not find any shorter--why don't they make short tools for us "short" people?????

It has been a 'funkky' weather day here--
very hot and humid--you can cut the air with a knife today it is so thick--
keeps clouding over--but then the sun comes out again!!!!

Well--try to keep cool or warm depending on where you are right now!!!
Hugs, from Di and Miss Gracie


  1. I've had that yarn mess, and I never learn. It will happen again. What projects do you have in mind for your new tools?

  2. Nice colour, Di! A wondere miss Gracie didn't help you unravel that yarn mess :-)

  3. Oh Yes, I was wondering about Miss Gracie and the rat's nest too---thought she would be into it while you were playing with your screwdrivers!!

  4. Good to see your purchases passed the Miss Gracie sniff of approval! Tracee xx


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