Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I will try again tonight to do a post!!!
so far so good--no interruptions!!!!

Last night as I got ready to post--
this came--
got the wicker love seat delivered--
it had been at my girl friends getting washed up and a new board added to the bottom for the seat--
and as you can tell--It has been 'cat' tested and approved!!!!
Miss Gracie was up on it the minute everybody left and just made herself to home!!!
these cushions all came from Walmart--but I am not happy with how they fit--
I have discovered that this wicker love seat is probably a wicker couch--
the cushions for a love seat measure about 40" long--whereas this one is 47" long--
so far I can not find anything to fit it--except to order one for it made to size--so that is what I may do???

Was a good day for the new couch to come as earlier in the day I did this--
got the new curtains up and the garland and the resident Mr Bune!!!!
It looks like just yellow flowers here--
but there is couple shades of blue and aqua ones there too!!!

Here is part of a picture of the table runner that I got free when I bought my new bed--
can not believe how well it goes with the colors that are now in here!!!!
and this picture is for Alice--
this is a kitty she sent me as  gift--
see kitty's new home!!!

And I got an order in the mail today--
not just any ole order--
this was an advanced sale order for the
sample spree from market--
In the back are three sewing caddy's--
notice they are all 'pink"!!!
I love all of these fabric lines--
and I hope one day soon that the sewing 'bug' will bite hard once again!!!
I also got these goodies for doing an order--
a totally delightful surprise--
Yep--all of these great items are mine for ordering--
and now where did I get this order from:
Thank you !!!!

Now I do have a finish--
so don't faint on me--
and this is a UFO from about 3-4 years ago--
Kids sweater to send to Guideposts magazine--
O know that this is pink--yet the whole time I have worked on it==
I picture a little boy wearing it!!!

and talking about knitting--
I have literally ripped out this fingerless glove--
not once or twice--but many times--
including this afternoon--

I knew how to do the  pattern--that was simple--
seems I kept doing the amount of rows between the cable in the wrong counts--
but have no fear--I got it now and am on a roll!!!
Well--I need to go water me garden before it gets any darker out!!

Be good--
Hugs, Di and that couch tester--miss gracie


  1. Hi there Di! I love your new wicker loveseat/couch...I hope you can find cushions to fit! Miss Gracie seems to like the ones you have though. :-) Great mail goodies...I love fun mail and fabric takes the cake! The new curtains and bunny over them are great! Love the sweater, and I admire your patience with the gloves. Take care Di! xo Jen

  2. I love your new wicker couch Di! Looks specially good with Miss Gracie sleeping on it :)

  3. Great couch,Love all in it,you`re
    lucky,nice things! Lovely pictures of you flowers and yes, I must find the housepipe and water a bit. Happy Sewing:-)

  4. Oh my, Di, so many new and LOVELY things! Seems Miss Gracie is happy enough! ;-) Enjoy your new fabric and sewing supplies.

    Beautiful flowers too!

    Carol (NJ)

  5. Love the couch sweets! Indeed, Miss Gracie does too! Too funny.
    Looks like you have had lots of fun shopping again. :)
    xx, shell

  6. Your new wicker love seat is adorable. Brightens up the room with the blue cushions. If you can't find the right size cushions you could always make them yourself lol.

    I love to knit fingerless gloves. If I don't keep careful track of what row/repeat I'm on I get lost every time.

  7. I love the wicker couch! It looks perfect for Miss Gracie :) Oh my, look at those goodies. You spoiled yourself, and I'm totally jealous. Great job on the UFO, I bet that feels great to finsih a project and donate to a worthy cause. Glad your summer is going well :)

  8. Love the wicker couch! of course cats have to test everything that comes through the door LOL!! I have one as well, in natural, and it seats 3 which is a little unusual. I like the look of them with soft cushions, very inviting for napping!!! I also love the table-runner, great bird design on it!!! Glad to see your knitting is coming along!!!!


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