Tuesday, July 19, 2011


OK--it's been 24 hours so am doing the picking of the 'scissors' contest!!!
First lots of you where correct in me wanting to keep the 'pink' ones!!!
So we will take them out of the picture--sorry!!!
and then we have '3' left--
the poor little pink and blue pair did not have but one taker--
so that pair goes to -----Nola----happy dance!!!
the black and red ones where the next popular--
and that pair goes to------ Merilyn---happy dance!!!!!
and then that purple pair--
my goodness -- did not realize how many of you like purple---
that winner is ------Lola---happy dance!!!!!
So congratulations to all and thanks for some fun during this heat spell--
I think I have all of your address's==but would you each email me with them again--
thank you!!!!

I did go to Daisy's site to see about ordering each of you--13--a pair of the scissors--
but she only had a couple left--and then I remembered that I do not have a 'debit' card right now--
have not shared that story with you--yet!!!
It seems that someone 'stole' my one debit card number (over the Internet) and ordered $240 worth of stuff--so we had to put a freeze on that card and I decided to also do the same with the Internet one--as if the company that is at fault ( I believe) I had used both cards at one point with them--so now I have to wait to get my money back and I have to wait for new cards--so now I am back to the 'old-fashion' way of doing things--cash and checks--it really feels weird!!!!!
and this is my birthday gift to me--
I did get it back in May on my birthday--
but did not take alot of pictures with it--
though some of the pictures of my trip to NH and Keepsake quilting was from this camera!!!
but am finally feeling 'braver' and am using it--
She is a really neat doll--and she is doing a great job--
I have also gotten the next size lens==55mm to 200mm--
but have to see how to get this one off first--then watch out world here I come!!!
and Dreams do come true--
I have wanted one of these 25 years now--
so I got lots of picture taking to make up for!!!!!!
how do you like this one with that 'cute' bug on it?????
one more for you---

now for a sewing/knitting update--
I am stitching on the last 'Tis the Season' block--
but have not gotten the fabric on these last few--
as I can't decide if I want another quilt or if I just want to make some smaller items with them for gifts???
and I have mainly knitted on the shawl--
it is one big job--am on the points now==there is about 33 of them going around it and each one--yep--each one has 16 rows to a point!!!!!  and each row of the 16 rows is different and then you repeat the 16 rows--lots of counting!!!  I have about 15 more to go!!!!!

Keep cool or warm--where ever you are!!!
Hugs, and smiles, Di and that miss gracie


  1. I am certainly doing the happy dance! Since I love blue and am an avid animal lover, these will be great. Thank you so much! Sorry to hear about your debit card. That has got to be very scary. Hopefully, it will get straightened out soon. How exciting to have a new camera. The pictures are great.

  2. Congrats to the lucky winners!!!!!
    I didn't see the posts until now..., wasn't here. I'm a scissor collector and the scissors you showed us are just the cutest!, my bad luck and myself, LOL!
    Love your new camera and the pics you're taking!!!!

  3. Congrats to the winners!

    Nice camera!

  4. What a lovely surprise Di!!! I am just a little chuffed with my scissor win! I certainly never expected it! I do love scissors and don't have any like these cat ones! They will be treasured indeed! I love your new camera, and the close-ups are awesome, ummmm....I haven't had a birthday yet this year LOL! I may have to look into getting something to take such lovely close shots.
    I'm sorry to hear that your cards were stolen, one of the vagaries of this cyber world, and leaves a yucky feeling when something like that happens! I hope you can recover your funds.
    Congratulations to the other winners too and thankyou Di for having this little comp!!!!

  5. Congrats to all the lucky winners. But Di is the luckiest of all. A new sewing machine AND a new camera! I hope you love your camera as much as I love mine.

  6. Congrats to all the winners. Di that was actually a lot of fun. Thanks for doing it. And Happy Belated Birthday. Sunny's right you are the lucky one getting to use the pink sewing machinea with the pink scissors!! Too much fun! And then getting such a cool camera!! Or maybe we are the lucky ones because we get to see all your really cool pictures - they are really great shots.

  7. I knew you had good taste (liking the same one I did!) Congrats to the winners!

  8. Thanks so much Diane! Was surprised by my package yesterday!You are so sweet!


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