Sunday, August 7, 2011


I really want to get a post in tonight--
so let's hurry--as it looks 'stormy' here again--
right now!!!!

This week end was a "blues" week end for me!!
you know where you feel blue, grumpy, sad, and 
along with that you spend some time 'feeling sorry for oneself"!!!
but I am lots better tonight!!

Course that could be because I got out of town for a couple hours!!!!
and I went shopping--
no--I mean I went to return '2' items in two different stores--
and of course, one has to look around and see what else is there!!!
we got to Ithaca 15 minutes before the first store that I needed to do a return in was open--but  right next door was a---Dollar Store---I have not been in one of them in a long time--
and this is what I bought there--
the flat pumpkins are those paper doilies--how cute!!!
did not know that the 'Believe' plate even came with the holder until I got home--
so that was a good bargain for a $1!!!
Then went to Bed and Bath and beyond--
to return an item that was $80--
and came out with these things--
a couple new calendars for 2012--
I love the cat ones and have to have one every year--though this is the very earliest I have ever boughten one!!! the little 2 yr one with that cute cute piggy on it also says--
"take time every day to do something--silly!!!!
I love it!!!!!
Here I did gain about $45 in cash return--

Then at Joann's I needed to return this--
I thought this was going to be the greatest thing for me to use with my sewing and especially with my counted cross stitch--but they need to label the box--this is not for short people to use--
you can not get the arms down low enough to use--even figured out how to turn the part around that holds the clip and magnifier --but it  still did not work for me--
and this cost me $135 plus tax--I decided it needed to go back!!!
the refund came to $131--they took a 10% restocking fee out!!!!
then went shopping there--some things where on sale like packaged batting--
got two queen sized ones in all cotton--and I found the folding cardboard cutting boards--
got one of the them to lay out on the bed when I do get back to quilting--see I am planning!!!
I do remember when these boards used to be under $5 this one was $17.99--but had a coupon--so that helped--
here is some other goodies I got there--
I love these baskets--they hold my ball of yarn perfectly--even got a larger one this time--
and got a small table top--or can clip it to the arm of the rocker magnifier--hope this one works--
was only 20 dollars and again had a coupon so was only $13.
anyways with everything I bought this bill came to --
are you ready for this one--
came to $133---two dollars more than the refund--
how 'wild' is that??????
I really was surprised though as I did not think that I had that much in the wagon!!!!

Then we still had time to stop-- for the first time in  a small yarn shop in the Plaza with Joann's--
and here is what came out with me--
two skeins of yarn--Silky Alpaca Lace yarn was only $9 a skein--
and then on the way out the door I seen the neatest shawl--
and that it is in this booklet--though the booklet itself was really too expensive--
I got it--what's money if not to spend it!!!!

Result for the day--
with the two returns and what I did repurchase--
I came out  pretty much--even!!!
but for taking only two items back--
I bought alot more than that  back in!!!!!!

I am still knitting on the new shawl--
and no I still really do not like the colors--
so this one is gonna be a 'gift' for sure!!!!!
Only have 16 more rows to go of 329 stitches each row--
one row is a design and it changes--the knit row--
the next row is all purl--so we are just 'k-ing' and p-ing' right along here!!!!!

well--that's all for this post--
be kind to a stranger this week!!


  1. That's a lot of loot! I gound a similar dressmaker form this week at Odd Lots. I'd had my eye on a much larger one at Hobby Lobby, but not place to put it, so I snatched up the little one. I'm working so hard at decluttering that I'm really trying hard not to bring anything new into the house. (except for fabric, patterns, yarn, etc) LOL!

  2. Wow, Di, you really did some shopping today! Enjoy your new goodies!

    I'm eager to see the finished shawl...I'm sorry you just don't like it.

    Carol (NJ)

  3. Sounds like you had an interesting day!!! The standard craft light you returned, well I have one and I haven't even taken it out of the box yet LOL!!! I bought it for doing cross-stitch too some months ago, but with the model I have you can take the top part off and put on another base and use it on the table! That's the reason I bought it, one lamp, two uses!! I just haven't gotten around to do cross-stitch yet! big plans, no time, that's me LOL!!!! I hope you feel less glum!!!

  4. You did some good shopping Di! And it all evened out, pretty much! Glad you're feeling better...give Miss Gracie a pat for me! xo Jen

  5. Good to hear you are feeling better!

    I LOVE the pig!

  6. Pretty alpaca, Di! Looks like a fun shopping trip! Hope you are feeling better now. Hugs!

  7. Stormy weather,could be great if you`re inside and have something to do;might be difficult for us quilters:-)
    Happy days for you and miss Gracie!

  8. No WONDER you felt better!! I am just loving that shawl. Can't wait to see it when it's finished.

  9. As I was reading I was thinking dollar wise you were coming out pretty even but you did bring alot of fun new things home. I know you aren't thrilled with the colors on your shawl but it is looking very pretty. I don't know if I missed it but is the pattern online? I'm always looking for something new to knit.

    I LOVE our Family Dollar store. I like to go when they first put out the holiday decorations and then again right after the holiday. So many fun things to look at and buy.

    The thunder and lightening woke me up at 5am this morning. We had lots of rain but thankfully it stopped before most of the kids had to go to the bus stops.

  10. Love the shopping! You did well!And the shawl you are knitting is beautiful!! I am missing my crocheting... it is too hot here sadly...


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