Wednesday, August 3, 2011


show you what came in the mail today??????????
I know you want to see it--
so -- as I like to please my blog readers--
here goes---
bet you knew what it was going to be along???
these where called 'remnant' pieces--
and I thought the basic solid colors would be great to have on hand--
and the price was great on them!!!
then I found a different line of fat quarters on sale--
and these where right up my 'alley'--soooo
lots of pinks--and--

lots of the country blue colors--
and they go with this piece--
Ahhhh--how pretty---
and it will look pretty in my stash!!!!!!!!!!

and this is this far --so far--
none of the guess's are right so far--
so guess again!!!!!

another note of sadness--
we have lost a resident this past Sunday to a hit and run driver--
His name was Harold and he was 79--
and he always spoke to you by name -
and he was always happy and smiling!!!
the man who ran him down is a "rich" man in town--
so who knows if they will really 'punish' him or not--
he is also an older man and has a large produce stand every summer and fall in his drive way!!!
I am getting scared to cross the streets here anymore--
everybody driving is always in a big hurry these days!!!!

Hey--we just got us some rain--
not lots and lots--
but a nice rain for half hour!!!

be good and hug someone today--
and yes those 4 legged family members count tooooooo!!!!!!
and my 4 legged 'baby'--
Miss Gracie!!


  1. Ooh, look at all those pretties! It's time to stop shopping now, and start sewing!!

  2. Hi Di.
    You do have lots of beautiful fabrics to add to your stash. Looking forward to seeing what you create with them.

  3. I'm so sorry about your friend. What a tragedy. I hope justice is done.

    Your fabrics are just beautiful, I especially love that toile-floral one in the last picture. I didn't read the other it a candle mat?

  4. What awful news! How could anyone hit and run on an old person?! I sure hope the guy is caught and prosecuted! On a brighter note, you fabric purchases are lovely, and I'm loving your knitting project, could it be the beginnings of a baby blanket, or a shawl?

  5. {{{{Di}}}} Sorry about your friend. I hope they prosecute "to the full extent of the law"! I hate Hit-and-Runs!

    Lovely fabric. Do you have any idea how you'll use that floral and solid fabric?

    Hmm, I just love that pastel knitted creation!!! Whatever it is! lol

    Hugs to Miss Gracie too!

    Carol (NJ)

  6. Love the colors in your new creation! Is it a shawl?

  7. Ooh...pretty fabric! you lucky girl!

    Sorry about Harold. Make sure to look both ways before you cross! That is very scary. People do drive like crazy now.

    *pets Miss Gracie*

    As for your pretty doillie, I can't even guess. A hot pad?

    Keep cool :)


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