Tuesday, August 9, 2011


As it was Tuesday--
that means it is my morning to be with 'my Anne'--
and I had forgotten to mention--I think--
that I did earn two free $10 gift cards on Sunday at JoAnn's--
but you have to use them by this Saturday--
well--this is a biggggg race week end here in the Glen--
and all roads leading into town will be full of traffic with those trying to get up to the race track on the hill--
so we decided we would go to JoAnn's today so I could use them--
after all--20 dollars is 20 dollars and then when it is a free 20 dollars--
well even better--right????
I came out with 3 things--
I really have wanted the 'scrap-basket' book for awhile--
but kept telling myself that I did not need any--
and I mean any more books--
and this table runner one is just full of lovely ideas and patterns--
the total for the three things was only--that I had to pay that is--
was $15--oh the books were on sale for 30% off too--great deal!!!
what did shock me was the price now for fabric at Joann's--
do you realize there new price is $9.99 a yard--yep!!!!
nearly all the cotton fabric is this price now--
so my question is--
"what are the quilt shops going to be charging soon?????"

we made a quick stop at Petsmart for me to get another bag of Miss Gracie's favorite dry food--
then we went to a 'new' to me place to eat--
and boy was it fun to be there and the food was sooooo Yummy!!!!
and then this came out with me--
two loaves of bread--one is tomato-basil and the other one is three cheese--
Oh--you see a little bag there too--
Hummmm--wonder what is in there???/
Ahhh--an oatmeal cookie and a pumpkin muffin--
I really enjoyed going here--thanks Anne for driving me around today!!!

When I got home this is what greeted me--
I think someone has been playing with 'her' toys--
while mommy was out shopping!!!

Well---I was a very good girl and this shawl is all finished--
this is folded in half for the picture--
I loved knitting it--but I still do not like the color --or should I say colors--
this pattern is called "Garden Pond" and is free on the Internet!!
and really is fairly simple!!!!

Then I have gotten these projects all finished--
the pink ones are for me--
now I have enough yarn left for a scarf to go with them--
need to decide on a pattern!!
the yellow ones will go with a scarf that is on the needles and a hat that just got started--
will be a 3 piece set--probably a Christmas gift!!
So I have been 'knittin' right along here!!!!

and what have you been up to these days!!!!
Hugs, Di and Miss Gracie


  1. I love, love, love how the shawl turned out.....it is truly stunning! I have thought about getting that same book but have not jumped in yet......you have been a busy girl.....

  2. Great job on all the knitting! And I know what you meanabout quilting books. I have more patterns and books than I could ever use in my lifetime, but new ones always seem to follow me home! LOL! Next time you go to Panera, you must try a cinnamon crunch bagel! O.M.G. I may have to go get one tomorrow. Hugs and meows..

  3. Mmmm, love Panera! Their tomato soup is unbelievable. I love the books you got! I've noticed Joann's fabrics are expensive too. Luckily they have lots of sales and coupons...but still you're right, quilt shop cottons are getting way up there!! Good work with the shawl and gloves, you do great knitting! Miss Gracie loves her toys! xo Jen

  4. I love the shawl, and I'm so glad you mentioned the pattern name. I'm going to look for it. A dear friend gave me Scrap Sensations for my birthday, but I haven't started anything from it yet. I love Panera, and got there at least once a week. My current favorite soup is chicken pesto. YUM!

  5. You have a few finishes there, the little mitts look great! Love the books you bought! You must share some of the great sweet corn recipes in the Woman's magazine too! That caught my eye LOL!!!!
    Busy working this week, but I did finish the latest B.Brackman CW block!!!

  6. Your projects look great! We have a Panera down the road and it is very popular. The bread is delicious.

    I've seen some of the projects from Scrap Basket Sensations and they all look great. I have the book on my wishlist but haven't broken down and bought it yet. You got it for free and that's something you can't pass up.

  7. Wow those kniting projects are wonderful!

    :) Carolyn


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