Tuesday, August 23, 2011


It seems that today a lot of people where--
rocking and rolling--and things were falling from the skywalls in peoples homes and offices!!!
We also got a good tremor here in western NY--but we get them about once a year!!!
this morning I did notice that the sugar water in my hummer feeder outside the living room window was rocking some in a different than what is normal way--so I wondered if one was on it's way!!!
though I did not expect them to be all over the US this time--crazy, hu?????

Well--I do have some photos and progress to share--
I have the hat and the star scarf finished to go with the pair of mittens I showed a while ago--
these are going to the Library to help in a fund raiser.

and I did get the hat finished to go with this set of fingerless mittens for me--
and have now started on a scarf for the set!!!
And then--
you read about me getting a Hitty doll--
well, Miss Hitty and I did our first outing on Sunday--
we went to the Yarn shop--
and I worked on knitting her a shawl--
Now this shawl took  me only about 6 hours to make!!!!
Yep--you read that right--6 hours!!!
I sure can be 'slow' can't I????/
I mean Miss Hitty is only a 6" doll!!!
the first yarn I tryed I did not like the color and the yarn was in small pieces for some reason--
the sales gal tried winding another skein for me and it was even worse--
in the mean time I was looking around the shop and found this brown one--
decided that Miss Hitty would like this one better than the charcoal one--
and she said she did like this one better!!!
I also started out with a size 0 knitting needle--
and had to keep reknitting it===finally used a size 6--yep size 6--
and I think we got it done!!!!!  Wow!!!!!!
that was a challenge and a half!!!

And today I went to the crochet class this afternoon and am in the process of finishing those fingerless gloves--this pair even has tiny--tiny beads in it!!!
one glove is all done and the second one is nearly done!!!

And I even did housework yesterday--
am feeling alittle better now that the days here are cooler!!
Well am off to finish that last glove--
you all stay safe now--
Hugs, Di and that Miss Gracie--
OH and Miss Hitty says 'Hi"!!!!


  1. Cute shawl for Miss Hitty! Bet she just loves it! The hat, scarf and fingerless gloves look like they took a lot of time, but I really like the purple hat! I'm sure you will enjoy once winter comes! Nola

  2. Glad the quake wasn't too bad! I worried when I heard it was somewhere near you and Alice.... Love your knitting!!!

  3. I am very impressed with your knitting finishes!! Nicely done! Love your Miss Hitty doll, she is adorable! Heard about your little earthquake on the news this evening!!

  4. I'm glad you didn't sustain any damage, Di. It's amazing how far away the quake was felt! Love your knitting work.

    Carol (NJ)

  5. That quake was crazy! I was in the middle of a pelvic exam at the doctors!!! OMG!!!
    Love all your new knitting. You have made so many beautiful things Di!
    xx, shell


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