Sunday, September 11, 2011


I got to walk in some sunshine today--
and oh it felt so good on my body and my mind and my soul!!!

I bought myself something mainly for the 'fun' of it--
No--it wasn't fabric--
No--no quilt toys--
No--Yarn or tools--
but this--
Would you believe this is a lamp--the center of the flowers --those are light blubs 
I just love it and this picture does not really show the true colors of it--
it is probably a 1950's lamp--have 'no' idea where I am going to put it--
but then that is half the fun--right????

I also got in two orders this past week--
here is order one--

yep--more fall fabric and the back one is Christmas!!!

then this is order two--
from Bird Brain Designs--
more--please tell me you did not buy 'more' felt Di????
and more patterns--what are you thinking????
what is that 'roll' of things at the top of the pile???
Oh those are little 'bubbles' that hold your ball of thread for your embroidery work!!!!
and exactly what are these sheets???
these are new that Bird Brain has done--
they have copied there embroidery patterns onto there trace paper for you--
now all I have to do is cut the designs apart--place them on the fabric after I take off the backing paper and start stitching--thank you Bird Brain for doing half the work for me!!!!
Ahhhhhh--Di when do you plan on stitching these 'babies' up--
in your sleep--
Oh I got it--
you are going to put that Miss Gracie to work!!!!!!!!

and the 'flower' picture for today--
this 'little' leaf!!!!!


  1. Hi! that lamp made me remember my Nan had a vase of roses that was a lamp :-)
    Like the stitchery patterns!

  2. What a lovely selection of goodies! Love the stitchery patterns, are they transfers? do they iron on to fabric to stitch?
    That lamp looks interesting too, it looks as though it would provide a nice soft glow in the dark!!!


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