Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Yep--time for another adventure--
but first I gotta tell you--
I am so happy cause my computer and my printer made up--
yep they had been fighting and would not talk to each other--
but we are now at a 'peaceful' spot and they have decided to get along!!!!
(course we won't tell you that I had to re download the printer software first!!!)

Ok--on to the adventure--
I am going to be really busy from Wednesday afternoon until Saturday evening--
as I am on an adventure--
How will I travel this time???
By car--No not this time--
By plane--nope--not going that far away--
By train--ahhhh--wrong picture here--
By train--nope--
Ahh--by boat---nope--try again!!!
Humm--Di what is left????
A bus--are you going by bus????

Well--sorta--but I think the bus will be smaller than this one is--
I am doing our local Fingerlakes Fiber Tour--
that my Yarn shop is putting on--
we will start the 'adventure' at the shop at 5pm on Wednesday and it runs through to Saturday evening--
they have all kinds of mini trips to local fiber farms and shops in the area--
and on Saturday we will be going to the Hemlock Wool and Fiber Festival about an hour or so trip from here-----
so--first the 'bad' news--
I will not be on line until probably Sunday--
the good news is though--I am taking the big camera and promise to take alot of pictures, and will do post so you all can join me in the fun--is that ok???????

So be good while I am being 'busy' and when this trip is finished--
I promise to get back to quilting a whole lot more--
and I see that our weather here is suppose get colder by Thursday--
so maybe fall really is here and I will get down to 'brass tacks'!!!
but I am gonna miss summer and getting outside everyday!!!

Have fun this week--I will be thinking about you all--really I will!!!

PS--I will be sleeping in my own bed everynight--so I will be taking care of Miss Gracie--plus we have a 2 hour break each afternoon-- so I can still get my nap in and eat dinner here--!!!!!


  1. Have fun! Who's staying with Miss Gracie?

  2. Have a great time, Di! Hope Miss Gracie behaves! lol

    Carol (NJ)

  3. Sounds like a wonderful few days Di! Look forward to seeing photos of your daily adventures! The Wood & Fibre Festival should be such fun, I have a feeling you have more knitting/crochet in your future LOL!!!!

  4. Have a great time!!! Sounds like fun.

    I wonder what trouble Miss Gracie will get into---hide the yarn balls!

    :) Carolyn

  5. That sounds like so much fun Di! Can't wait to hear all about it! xo Jen

  6. I know you are having a great time! Sounds like so much fun! I took a dyeing class from a lady from New Zealand. I think she lives up north now. Do you get to do dyeing too???


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