Saturday, September 10, 2011


back into quilting 24/7--
I do believe that might help--
but then I would really miss my knitting--
so what is a girl to do?????

You see I am having a really hard time dealing with all this stress--
you know--
soldiers dying--
friends dying--
I do believe that when I was quilting all the time--
I did not think on all these things so much--
I can be a good 'ostrich' with my head in the sand--
but lately no matter how much I try to be one--
some 'event' pulls my head out and says--
" look here--another news story"------

I am sorry--
I really don't know what to say tonight--
my heart is so heavy for all the 'loses' out there--
how does one go about with ones everyday life--
when so many many people have lost so much in the past couple weeks!??

I did see something really sad today--
yet totally amazing--
I believe this was the first for our county--
but a young man lost his life fighting for our country in Afghanistan--
last week and his body returned home today--
the word went out that his body would be coming through the village at 10 am and for people to be on the street with flags to watch him pass--
at first I did not think I would go--
but as my best friend was one of them working this out--
she discovered that her best friend from back in their school days had died--
she had went into the cellar to plug in or turn on her slump pump and had been electrocuted--
so I knew it would help her feel better if I went and did this--
I was amazed at the amount of people on the street waiting--
and to listen to some of them talking--
this young man was to have come home this week and gotten married in 12 days!!!
When they finally came through it was a 'soul' touching experience --
the line of cars with family and friend was long-and the village police, state police, lead the procession then the Hurst with the casket and the family/friends--but it did not end there--
there was fire truck after truck next from all the small towns all over the county--and then there where dozens of motorcycles some wore uniforms --some did not--but you knew that more had seen and been in a war of some kind--then some more police vehicles-- 
one stood there and cried!!
I just can not explain to you how or what I felt to you this morning--

I did then go on to the Yarn shop--
I am making my girl friend something special because of her loss and needed some more yarn--
I sat there and started it--
the Yarn shop was very busy this morning--
we have had our annual Vintage race car show and races this week end--
so lots of strangers and tourist where in town--
it was 'interesting' to listen to them tell about there adventures in getting to Watkins--
because of the flooding and soooooo many roads that are closed--
right here where I am, did not get much flooding--some basements is all--
but--bloggers--right next to us all up and down the state towns got it bad--
some towns are under 8 feet--yep--I said 8 feet of water--
and it is just not water--it has Diesel fuel and sewage in it--
so they not only are battling water and mud but terrible smells too--
some of the travelers where telling that whole towns are still there--
but in one big pile at the other end of town where the water pushed everything!!!!

Welllllll--I am sorry this is not one of my 'happy' posts--
but life does happen all around us 'quilters and bloggers' it seems--
so once in awhile one must share alittle heartache and sadness!!
and tomorrow will be another real sad day for lots of folks because of the re-living of 9/11--

so be good to yourself and have some chocolate--
and hug all those around you!!
From--Di and Miss Gracie comes loads of hugs--


  1. It sounds tome like YOU need some chocolate! and some hugs. I was wondering how you were doing with the rain. We actually saw the sun today! We have to be kind to everyone we meet - we never know how much it might mean to them. IT could mean everything today to a stranger.

  2. {{{{{{{{{Di}}}}}}}}}} I'm so sorry for all the sadness in your life these days. It does seem to be an awful lot all at once. I find that prayer helps a great deal. I hope you can focus yourself on your sewing or knitting to help distract your thoughts. It will help.

    Give Miss Gracie a big hug and then you eat some chocolate! :-)

    Carol (NJ)

  3. A very sobering post Di! I had no idea that there would still flood waters around, how devestating for the people who are affected.
    How wonderful that so many people showed up to farewell this young man - so sad that still lives are being taken 10 years after the greatest of tragedies. Here (downunder) it is the 11th already, and my thoughts are with all of you in the US.

  4. Gosh, Di, you've put it all in words that am identifying with right least you can get it out and written down. Thanks, it really helps to read what you are experiencing. My heart and soul is so overwhelmed with the sadness of the world...I had just been reading and commenting an occasional "AMEN" ... thanks...


  5. Di thanks for the post. I wasn't really aware of all this (except 9/11) as I'm on the other side of the country. So wonderful that people care so much for each other, the people caring for the soldier and family, you caring for your friend and going. You are right life is not always fun and I'm so glad you did post about this as it's important.

  6. Your sweet story of the soldier made me cry! There is much sadness in the world right now, but we need to keep an eye out for the beautiful moments like these. Thanks for sharing and I would like to see some more quilting on this page, lol :) Keep your chin up, girlie!


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