Sunday, September 4, 2011


Actually this was done yesterday--
but before I could do a post we had a thunderstorm--
soooo--here it is today--before we get more thunderstorms!!!

I redid my rocking chair area some--
Here is the before picture--

and after some sorting, cleaning, and rearranging--
this is the new look--
the white machine on the white stool is a air purifier machine!!
Notice  No pile of books and knitting bags on the couch now!!
No guarantees as to long that will last--but--
This is the main thing that 'changed' the messy look--
See the new wire book rack--found it for sale over town the other day--so carted it home--
it holds alot of the larger books and a few magazines and it is right next to the rocker--
so I can get to them any time I want to read or want to look for another knitting pattern--
and if you look at this picture again--
you will see another addition--
see the wall on the other side of the rocker--
I hung up a magazine holder--I love to read magazines--
and some I keep to reread!!!

What I want to know is 'who' turned up the heat and the humidity again????
Yesterday and today have been rough here--so mainly been inside--
but by tomorrow--Monday--the temp is suppose to drop 20 degrees and the nights will be much cooler so that might really mean that summer is near it's end for 2011---Boooooo!!!!

Today my heart and thoughts to go out to all of the bloggers and their families who are fighting health issues and that mainly being the big 'C' word--am really concerned about you all --everyday it seems that I run across another post where a family member has just been told they have that 'c' word--
so know that I am praying for all of you--whether I leave you a comment or not--I still hurt for you.

Well--here is hoping that everyone has a fun day tomorrow on Labor Day!!!
and here's some hugs, from Di and Miss Gracie


  1. You have such a cozy corner now, Di! I would love to sit there next to the window and watch the goings-on outside in the heat/cold and have all my reading materials right at my fingertips! I love all the color too. Wanna come decorate my place? ;-)

    HUGS to you and Miss Gracie.

    Carol (NJ)

  2. Love your little make-over, sometimes it doesn't take much to clear things away and make it nice again! Here winter is still hanging on by its cold little fingernails, just wish Spring would give it a good kicking and get on with it LOL!!!! So over this cold weather!!!!! Take care you and Miss Gracie!!!!

  3. love your special area.......need to have a clean up in mine..........hope the weather cools down for you soon........


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